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Board of Trustees

School Board

The Lakeside Union School District Board of Trustees has a combined 30 plus years of service to the students and community of Lakeside. The board is charged with the responsibility for the general control and direction of education in the District based on state and federal constitutions and laws, and State Board of Education rules and regulations.

A Hayes 1

Andrew Hayes
(619) 922-7208
Term Expires: 2026

L Hoefer Moir

Lara Hoefer Moir
Term expires: 2024

J Bennett1

Jim Bennett
Term Expires: 2026

A Ellenson1

Autumn Ellenson
Term Expires: 2024

R Kasper1

Ron Kasper
Term Expires: 2026

Mission Statement

The Lakeside School Community dedicates itself to providing a challenging environment that is committed to each student’s development of:

  • A love of lifelong learning
  • The academic, vocational and social skills necessary for personal fulfillment
  • A respect for self and others
  • An appreciation for the arts
  • A sense of responsibility to our community and our global environment
  • A realization for the need for peaceful resolution of conflict

Core Values

High Achievement for All LUSD Students
Our schools are dedicated to teaching students to be involved, active learners who think critically, learn continuously, collaborate constructively, communicate effectively, persevere relentlessly and care deeply. We emphasize high academic expectations for all students, and support them to reach their full potential to be prepared for college, career and life.  We believe these outcomes are attainable for all LUSD students.

Excellence in Teaching
Passionate, knowledgeable, skillful teachers, supported by strong site leaders, are the core strength of our school district.  We expect our faculty, staff and site leaders to provide engaging, challenging, and relevant learning experiences for all students.  Excellent teaching begins with strong relationships between staff and students and is nurtured by collaboration among colleagues.  We are committed to supporting a professional community that creates an atmosphere of excellence, engaging instruction, and ongoing growth for students and adults alike.

Respect for Human Difference
We are committed to acknowledging and celebrating the diversity within our community while affirming the importance of our common humanity.  By promoting an emotionally safe environment for questioning, debate, and dialogue, we foster the growth and value that comes from different perspectives, cultures and experiences.  Our commitment is to create an atmosphere of emotional and intellectual safety in which to express difference while advancing acceptance and respect for all.

Continuous Improvement
We believe that powerful, relevant goals and clear action plans guide progress over time, and we commit to setting goals, monitoring progress and sharing results.  We believe that high standards of responsibility and accountability must be present throughout the system, and we commit to providing resources to enable staff to meet Board goals.  When staff, students, parents and the community are responsible and valued partners in the education of our students and active participants in the decision-making process, our entire system is stronger.  

Effective Governance
As a Board of Trustees, we believe that a fiscally sound budget that is reflective of the district’s vision is imperative to the financial stability of the district and to attainment of its goals.  We believe that our governance of the district sets the tone for the organization and provides a model for students and staff of effective dialogue, decision-making and leadership.  We believe in open, honest communication, trusting relationships, and integrity in all we do, and strive to model this consistently, both among Board members and between the Board and the Superintendent.

Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Past Meeting Agendas and Minutes


December 2023First Interim Budget Presentation
12.14.23 Board Recording
12.14.23 Organizational Board Meeting Minutes
12.14.23 Organizational Board Meeting Packet
12.11.23 Special Board Meeting Minutes
12.11.23 Special Board Meeting
12.4.23 Special Board Meeting Minutes
12.4.23 Video Recording
12.4.23 Special Board Meeting
November 202311.9.23 Meeting Minutes
11.9.23 General Packet
11.9.23 Board Recording
October 2023Facilities Presentation
Classroom Budgets Presentation
10.12.23 Meeting Minutes
10.12.23 Board Packet
September 20239.20.23 Special Board Meeting Minutes
9.20.23 Special Board Meeting
9.14.23 Board Meeting Minutes
9.14.23 General Packet
9.7.23 Special Board Meeting Minutes
9.7.23 Special Board Meeting
Unaudited Actuals Presentation
Consultant Report on District Properties
August 20238.10.23 Board Minutes
8.10.23 Special Board Meeting Minutes
 8.10.23 Board Recording 
8.10.23 Board Packet
8.10.23 Special Board Meeting
July 2023Dale Scott Bond Presentation
Human Resources Annual Presentation
7.13.23 Board Minutes
7.13.23 Board Packet
June 2023LCAP/Local Indicators Board Presentation
Proposed Budget Presentation
6.22.23 Board Minutes
6.22.23 General Packet
6.15.23 Board Minutes
6.15.23 General Packet
May 2023Expeditionary Learning Presentation
5.11.23 Board Minutes
5.11.23 Board Packet
April 20234.20.2023 Scott Barnett LSUSD Presentation
4.20.23 Board Minutes
4.20.23 General Packet
March 2023Mid Year Data Presentation
Second Interim Budget Presentation
3.9.23 LUSD Board Recording
3.9.23 Board Minutes
3.9.23 Board Packet
February 20232.9.23 LUSD Board Recording
2.9.23 Board Minutes
2.9.23 Board Packet
2.8.23 Special Board Meeting Minutes
2.8.23 Special Board Meeting
January 20231.13.22 Board Packet
1.13.22 Meeting Minutes
1.13.22 Board Meeting Recording


December 2022First Interim Presentation 2022 – 2023
12.15.22 Board Recording
12.15.22 Board Packet
12.15.22 Board Minutes
November 202211.10.22 Board Minutes
11.10.22 Board Packet
11.10.22 Board Recording
2022-23 SPSA’s
11.1.22 Special Board Meeting Recording
11.1.22 Special Board Meeting
October 202210.13.22 Board Minutes
10.13.22 Board Recording
10.13.22 Board Packet
September 20229.8.22 Board Recording
9.8.22 Minutes
School Safety Update
2021-22 Unaudited Actuals Presentation
9.8.22 General Packet
August 20228.11.22 General Packet
8.11.22 Minutes
8.11.22 Special Board Meeting
July 20227.14.22 General Packet
7.14.22 Board Recording
7.14.22 Minutes
June 20226.23.22 General Packet
6.23.22 Minutes
6.23.22 Board Recording
6.16.22 General Packet
6.16.22 Meeting Minutes
LCAP Presentation
Adopted Budget Presentation
Barona Indian Charter School Presentation
May 20225.31.22 Special Board Meeting
5.31.22 Special Board Meeting Minutes
5.31.22 Special Board Meeting Recording
5.12.22 Meeting Minutes
5.12.22 Board Agenda
LUSD Board Meeting 5.12.22 TK Expansion Presentation
April 20224.20.22 Board Agenda
4.20.22 Board Meeting Recording
4.20.22 Meeting Minutes
March 20222021-22 Second Interim Presentation
3.10.22 Board Meeting Recording
3.10.22 Meeting Minutes
3.10.22 Board Packet
3.01.22 Special Board Meeting Recording
3.01.22 Meeting Minutes
3.01.22 Special Board Meeting
February 2022LCAP Mid Year Board Presentation
2.10.22 Board Packet
2.10.22 Special Board Meeting
2.10.22 Meeting Minutes
2.10.22 s
2.10.22 Board Meeting Recording
January 20221.13.22 Board Packet
1.13.22 Meeting Minutes
1.13.22 Board Meeting Recording


December 202112.16.21 Board Packet
12.16.21 Board Meeting Recording
12.9.21 Special Board Meeting
12.9.21 Special Board Meeting Recording
2021-22 First Interim Presentation
November 202111.13.21 Board Meeting Recording
11.10.21 Board Packet
11.10.21 Board Meeting Minutes
October 2021Public Hearing: Developer Fees
10.21.21 Special Board Meeting
10.21.21 Special Board Meeting Minutes
10.21.21 Special Board Meeting Recording 
ESSER III Board Presentation
Climatec Final
2020 – 2021 Local Indicators Presentation 10.14.21
2020 – 2021 Facilities
10.14.21 Board Packet
10.14.21 Meeting Minutes
10.14.21 Board Recording
September 20219.29.21 Special Board Meeting
9.29.21 Meeting Minutes
9.9.21 General Packet
9.9.21 Board Recording
9.9.21 Meeting Minutes
August 20218.12.21 Board Recording
8.12.21 Meeting Minutes
8.12.21 Board Packet
8.4.21 Board Recording
8.4.21 Meeting Minutes
8.4.21 Special Board Meeting
July 20217.22.21 Meeting Minutes
7.22.21 Board Agenda
7.8.21 Board Packet
7.8.21 Board Recording
7.8.21 Meeting Minutes
June 2021LCAP 2021 Board Presentation
2021-2022 Adopted Budget 
6.24.21 Meeting Minutes
6.24.21 Board Packet
6.24.21 Board Recording
6.17.21 Meeting Minutes
6.17.21 Board Packet
6.17.21 Board Recording
6.13.21 Meeting Minutes
6.13.21 Special Board Meeting
6.12.21 Meeting Minutes
6.12.21 Special Board Meeting
6.8.21 Board Recording
6.8.21 Special Board Meeting
6.8.21 Special Board Meeting Minutes
6.3.21 Board Recording
6.3.21 Special Board Meeting
6.3.21 Special Board Meeting Minutes
May 20215.27.21 Special Board Meeting
5.27.21 Special Board Meeting Minutes
5.24.21 Board Meeting
Transportation Presentation
Expanded Learning Opportunities Grant Presentation
2020 – 2021 Retirees
Equity Committee Board Report
5.13.21 Board Recording
5.13.21 Board Packet
5.13.21 Board Minutes
5.6.21 Special Board Meeting
5.6.21 Special Board Meeting Minutes
April 20214.28.21 Special Board Meeting
4.28.21 Board Recording
4.28.21 Special Board Meeting Minutes
4.15.21 District Update
4.15.21 Board Packet
4.15.21 Board Meeting Minutes
March 2021LCAP Presentation
3.18.21 Special Board Meeting
3.11.21 Board Meeting Recording
3.18.21 Special Board Meeting Minutes
3.11.21 District Update
2020-2021 Budget Presentation
3.11.21 Board Packet
3.11.21 Board Meeting Minutes
February 20212.11.21 Board Meeting Recording
District Update
LCAP Presentation
2.11.21 Board Packet
2.11.21 Board Meeting Minutes
January 20211.14.21 Board Meeting Recording
COVID Case Update
Student Support Update
1.14.21 Board Packet
1.14.21 Board Meeting Minutes
1.14.21 Special Board Meeting
1.14.21 Special Board Meeting Minutes


December 202012.17.20 District Update Presentation
Hybrid Modification Presentation
12.17.20 Special Board Meeting
12.17.20 Special Board Meeting Minutes
12.17.20 Organizational Meeting
12.17.20 Organizational Meeting Minutes
2020-21 First Interim Presentation
12.10.20 Special Board Meeting
12.10.20 Special Board Meeting Minutes
November 2020Hybrid 2.0 Board Presentation
11.16.20 Special Board Meeting
11.16.20 Special Board Meeting Minutes
Annual Facilities Presentation
LUSD Progress Measures
11.12.20 Board Packet
11.12.20 Board Meeting Minutes
October 2020 Link to Video of 10.22.20
10.22.20 Special Board Meeting
10.22.20 Special Board Meeting Minutes
School Reopening Update
10.8.20 Board Packet
10.8.20 Board Meeting Minutes
September 20209.17.20 Special Board Meeting
9.17.20 Special Board Meeting Minutes
Transportation Presentation
2019-20 Unaudited Actuals Presentation
Learning Continuity and Attendance Plan Presentation
Phase 2 Blended Learning Plan
9.10.20 Board Packet
9.10.20 Board Meeting Minutes
August 20208.20.20 Special Board Meeting
8.20.20 Special Board Meeting Minutes
8.14.20 Special Board Meeting
45-Day Budget Presentation
Transportation Presentation
Reopening Presentation
Revised Reopening Plan
8.13.20 Board Packet
8.13.20 Board Meeting Minutes
July 20027.27.20 Special Board Meeting
7.27.20 Special Board Meeting Minutes
7.9.20 Board Packet
7.9.20 Board Meeting Minutes
7.9.20 Special Board Meeting
7.9.20 Special Board Meeting Minutes
June 20206.25.20 Board Packet
6.25.20 Board Meeting Minutes
School Reopening Update
2020-21 Budget Report
6.18.20 Board Packet
6.18.20 Board Meeting Minutes
6.4.20 Special Board Meeting
6.4.20 Special Board Meeting Minutes
May 20205.14.20 General Packet
5.14.20 Board Meeting Minutes
April 20204.23.20 Board Packet
4.23.20 Board Meeting Minutes
March 2020Second Interim Budget Report
River Valley Charter Presentation
3.12.20 Board Packet
3.12.20 Board Meeting Minutes
February 2020Budget Presentation
2.20.20 Special Board Meeting
2.20.20 Special Board Meeting Minutes
Math Pathways Presentation
Charter Oversight Presentation
Immersion Presentation
2.13.20 Board Packet
2.13.20 Board Meeting Minutes
January 20201.16.20 Board Packet
1.16.20 Special Board Meeting
1.16.20 Board Meeting Minutes

Board Policies

Click below to access our online board policies and regulations on GAMUT

Public Records Requests

Lakeside Union School District (LUSD) complies with the California Public Records Act.

How to Submit a Request for Public Records

LUSD prefers public records requests be submitted via email, to, with the following:

  • Your full name
  • Your phone number
  • The mailing address to receive the requested documents
  • A specific description of the records requested

Upon receipt of written or electronic Public Records request, the LUSD Public Records Request liaison will respond in writing within ten calendar days to acknowledge receipt of the request.

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  • Our Schools are Dedicated to Teaching Students to be Involved, Active Learners who Think Critically, Learn Continuously, Collaborate Constructively, Communicate Effectively, Persevere Relentlessly and Care Deeply
  • Passionate, Knowledgeable, Skillful Teachers, Supported by Strong Site Leaders, are the Core Strength of our School District
  • We Expect our Faculty, Staff and Site Leaders to Provide Engaging, Challenging, and Relevant Learning Experiences for All Students
  • We are Committed to Acknowledging and Celebrating the Diversity within our Community while Affirming the Importance of our Common Humanity
  • We Believe that Powerful, Relevant Goals and Clear Action Plans Guide Progress Over Time, and We Commit to Setting Goals, Monitoring Progress and Sharing Results
  • Our Foreign Language Immersion Programs are Designed to Enrich the Education of Native-English-Speaking Students by Teaching Them all of their Academic Subjects in a Second Language

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