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Thank you for your interest in our Lakeside schools.

Registration for the 2024/25 school year is now open. Please click here to start the online registration process.

Our Transitional Kindergarten program is currently at full capacity. Please refrain from completing the Online Registration for your TK student unless you have received specific instructions from the District Office or your School Site. Any Online Registrations submitted without prior authorization will be deleted. If you would like to be placed on our waitlist, please complete the TK Interest List Form.

If you already have a parent portal, you can log into your portal, and under “More” you may begin a new online registration for a new student.

For assistance please contact our district office at (619) 390-2600 or email enrolllusd@lsusd.net

School of Choice

School of Choice Form – For Lakeside residents only.

School of Choice applications for 2024-25 school year is now open. The form can be emailed to transfers@lsusd.net or dropped off at the District Office (12335 Woodside Avenue, Lakeside).

Interdistrict Transfers

Interdistrict Transfer Form – Fill out if your address is not within the Lakeside boundaries and you wish to attend a Lakeside Union School District school. Applications for the 2024-25 school year will be accepted beginning February 1, 2024. The form can be emailed to transfers@lsusd.net or dropped off at the District Office (12335 Woodside Avenue, Lakeside).

Preschool Enrollment

Registration Information

Tuition-Based Interest Form (This will be available on May 1st at 8 am.)

State Funded Interest Form

Kindergarten Enrollment

The Lakeside Union School District offers many educational opportunities for your child as they enter school.  If this is your first school-age student this process is both scary and exciting!  Please take a few minutes to review all the information in our Kindergarten information section.  Thank you for your interest in our schools.

2024-2025 Transitional Kindergarten

Students must turn 5 years old between September 2, 2024 and June 2, 2025 to qualify for the Transitional Kindergarten program.

2024-2025 Kindergarten Language Immersion Program

Parents who are interested in one of our Kindergarten Language Immersion programs for the 2024/2025 school year should complete the Immersion Interest link below. 

The Lakeview Informational Parent Meeting will be held at 5:30 p.m. on January 24, 2024.  The Winter Gardens Informational Meetings will be held from 6:00-7:00 p.m. on January 17 and February 21, 2024. These meetings are optional for currently enrolled immersion families.

Parents will receive email updates once their student’s information has been submitted to the Immersion Interest list.

DREAM Academy Enrollment

If interested in our DREAM Academy, please refer to the webpage for more information, or contact our registrar at 619-390-2634.
We do not accept online registrations.

 ALL incoming students for 2024-25 school year will be required to have either an approved School of Choice or an approved Interdistrict Transfer  application on file (according to LUSD residence boundaries). Forms/instructions are located above.

Attendance at a parent information meeting is REQUIRED before you will be able to complete registration. You will be notified when your School of Choice or Interdistrict Transfer is approved.

Upcoming Parent Meeting Dates:

  •     Jan 25th – at 5:00 pm at the DREAM Academy Campus
  •     Feb 22nd – at 5:00 pm at DREAM Academy Campus 

Open Enrollment Window

Open Enrollment window for the upcoming school year is February 1 – April 15 annually.  Parents may submit a request for an Inter-district permit or School of Choice form at any time during the current school year.  Transfers can be emailed to transfers@lsusd.net. Applications will be processed and decision results will be provided to parents within 30 days of receiving the application request form. This process also applies if you move at any time during the school year (timeline not required).

  • School of Choice – applies to students who live within the Lakeside attendance area but prefer a school other than your school of residence.
  • Inter-district Transfer – applies to students who live outside the Lakeside Union School District attendance area and wish to attend one of our schools.

Registration Requirements

Your child must have all current Kindergarten entry Immunizations as required per the state of California.  Health physical and dental assessments are also required for school entry.  You must also provide your child’s birth certificate and your proof of residency for Lakeside.

Required Kindergarten Entry Immunizations – California immunization requirements for school entry are:

  • DPT – 5 doses
  • Polio – 4 doses
  • Hep B – 3 doses
  • MMR – 2 doses
  • Varicella – 2 doses

Frequently Asked Questions

When can my child start Kindergarten?

Your child must turn five (5) years old by September 1 to enroll in Kindergarten

What if my child turns five (5) after this date?

Our district offers a Transitional Kindergarten (TK) program.

New Universal TK age requirements:
Students who turn five years old between September 2, 2024 and June 2, 2025 will be eligible for TK. For more information about this program please complete the TK 24/25 Interest form below.

When should I enroll my child in Kindergarten?

Typically, registration begins at all elementary schools in the spring by March 1, with the exception of our Language Immersion programs.

For more information regarding our acclaimed language immersion programs, please complete the Kindergarten Immersion interest link on this page

How do I know which school my child should attend?

School enrollment is determined by the address where you and your child live.  If you are unsure of your assigned school please contact our Education Services department at (619) 390-2600.

What if I don’t live in Lakeside but still want my child to attend a Lakeside school?

You may complete an Inter-district transfer (IDT) permit and request a school. Your district of residence must sign the permit and release your student prior to being accepted into the Lakeside Union School District.  For more information please review the Open Enrollment procedures.

Residency Verification Policy

All school districts in California have been advised that the State Controllers Office will rigorously enforce Title V (Administrative Code) and Education Code policy, E.C. 48204.1 provisions for verification of residency for school entry and attendance. It is necessary that all Lakeside district school sites and staff verify residency for all new enrolling students, and for currently enrolled students as deemed necessary.  As the enrolling parent/guardian with legal custody you will be required to present ONE of the following original documents, which will be photo copied and kept in your student’s file. 

Acceptable Proof of Residency:

  • Current Mortgage statement, Escrow papers or property tax agreement for primary residence
  • Current Rental or Lease agreement for primary residence (rent receipt may be required)
  • Military housing orders (base housing office written verification)
  • Current utility service bill for any of the following: Gas/Electric, Water or Cable, Trash

All proof of residency must be in the parent/guardian name at the address in which the student lives.  A residency affidavit form is available for parents who cannot provide one the items listed above. Residency Affidavit is a legal document and must completed at the district office during registration hours. In the event an affidavit is required both the legal parent registering the student and the person with whom they reside must present and provide photo ID to district office staff.  The person with whom parent resides must provide one of forms of residency as listed above. Please note, documentation determined to be secured by false, misleading, or deliberate omission of information to establish residency in the Lakeside Union School District will be considered null and void and will result in immediate disenrollment of your student in our schools.

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  • Our Schools are Dedicated to Teaching Students to be Involved, Active Learners who Think Critically, Learn Continuously, Collaborate Constructively, Communicate Effectively, Persevere Relentlessly and Care Deeply
  • Passionate, Knowledgeable, Skillful Teachers, Supported by Strong Site Leaders, are the Core Strength of our School District
  • We Expect our Faculty, Staff and Site Leaders to Provide Engaging, Challenging, and Relevant Learning Experiences for All Students
  • We are Committed to Acknowledging and Celebrating the Diversity within our Community while Affirming the Importance of our Common Humanity
  • We Believe that Powerful, Relevant Goals and Clear Action Plans Guide Progress Over Time, and We Commit to Setting Goals, Monitoring Progress and Sharing Results
  • Our Foreign Language Immersion Programs are Designed to Enrich the Education of Native-English-Speaking Students by Teaching Them all of their Academic Subjects in a Second Language

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