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Lakeside Union School District Offers Safe and Educational Preschool Programs

Lakeside, CA, October 27, 2020-Start your child early on the path to success with Lakeside Union School District’s early learning and preschool programs. Early education gives children the best opportunity to begin their learning journey on the right foot. Lakeside Union provides opportunities for kids to get a head start through their outstanding preschool programs. The district has two locations where they offer preschool services, the Marilla Campus and Lindo Park Elementary. The programs available at the Marilla location include Early Advantage, Traditional English, Spanish Enriched,  wraparound care, and Special Education services for infants and preschool age students. The programs available at the Lindo Park location include a state-funded preschool for families that qualify and a Special Education preschool classroom. The Early Advantage, Traditional English, and Spanish enriched are tuition-based programs. The State-funded program is a free program for families that qualify based on gross monthly income. 

Early Advantage preschool is available to kids 2-3 years of age who may not be fully potty trained. Staff assists children in learning valuable skills like social skills and personal independence. This allows children to get exposed and adjust to new environments.

Traditional English preschool is for children that are three and four years of age who are fully potty trained. In this program, kids are exposed to new learning new skills like letter and word recognition, writing, math, and play. 

Spanish Enriched preschool is similar to traditional preschool in requirements and skills taught, but will also expose children to the Spanish language and give them opportunities to experiment with the language organically. 

State-Funded Preschool is available for families who meet income requirements. It services children who are 3-4 years of age who are fully potty trained. Priority is based on a family’s gross monthly income and students who are 4 years old. Students must turn 3 on or before Sept. 2nd of the current school year to be added to the interest list. The state-funded preschool programs are not first come first served. Preschool staff will work with the children by offering an enriched environment that includes phonological awareness, letter, and word recognition, emergent writing, mathematics along with play as an integral part of the curriculum.

Staff assists children in learning valuable skills like social skills and personal independence. This allows children to get exposed and adjust to new environments.

Preschool wraparound care is also available at the Marilla location, for children registered in the tuition-based programs that are ages 2-5 and is open from 6:30 a.m. to – 6:00 p.m. on regular school days. To learn more about the different programs for young learners in Lakeside Union School District, visit the LUSD website and give your child a learning head start! 

About Lakeside Union School District 

The Lakeside Union School District (LUSD) is located in the East County area of San Diego, California and is comprised of seven elementary schools and two middle schools. LUSD is dedicated to providing a challenging environment that will instill a love of lifelong learning and promote academic, vocational and social skills necessary for fulfillment in students’ futures. LUSD strives to ensure every child has a quality education in a safe, accepting, and respectful environment where education is exciting. Visit the district at and follow Lakeside Union School District on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram

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  • Our Schools are Dedicated to Teaching Students to be Involved, Active Learners who Think Critically, Learn Continuously, Collaborate Constructively, Communicate Effectively, Persevere Relentlessly and Care Deeply
  • Passionate, Knowledgeable, Skillful Teachers, Supported by Strong Site Leaders, are the Core Strength of our School District
  • We Expect our Faculty, Staff and Site Leaders to Provide Engaging, Challenging, and Relevant Learning Experiences for All Students
  • We are Committed to Acknowledging and Celebrating the Diversity within our Community while Affirming the Importance of our Common Humanity
  • We Believe that Powerful, Relevant Goals and Clear Action Plans Guide Progress Over Time, and We Commit to Setting Goals, Monitoring Progress and Sharing Results
  • Our Foreign Language Immersion Programs are Designed to Enrich the Education of Native-English-Speaking Students by Teaching Them all of their Academic Subjects in a Second Language

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