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Health and Wellness

Recently, throughout education, there has been a lot of discussion regarding child nutrition. In response to this, our district has implemented a new Wellness Policy that will be enforced this year.

Research clearly reveals a link between nutrition and fitness, good health, and ability to learn. This means that the food and physical activity choices children make now can affect their academic achievement and their productivity as adults. It is our desire to do all we can to help them be healthy and successful.

Because of this, we ask you to follow the policy below at Tierra Del Sol Middle School:

  • Please do not bring in food items for birthdays. If you would like to bring in items for a birthday, please consider fun, non-food items such as stickers, pencils, notepads, bookmarks, etc. Please check with your child’s teacher for their classroom policy and/or suggestions. I know many of us have visions of cupcakes and cookies when we think of birthdays at school. Due to the new regulations, that is no longer an option, and those items will need to be at the home birthday party. But, there are certainly plausible, fun alternatives that can still be done at
  • This is a district-wide policy. The reason for this is for consistency throughout the district.
    Please keep in mind that if we allow one student to bring in cupcakes, etc., we need to allow all, and your child could be having cupcakes 30 times during a school year. Yes -that would be a lot of cupcakes.
  • Classroom parties, such as Valentine’s Day, End of the Year party, etc. will be exempt from the no food rule, but must follow the district guidelines for “healthy snacks11Per Health and Safety
    Code 114021, food prepared at home cannot be distributed to other students. It must be
    commercially prepared.
  • Students may not share snacks with other children. Please note that some students have
    severe peanut allergies. Examples of healthy snacks: fresh fruits and vegetables, 100% fruit
    juice, water, 100% juice bars, fruit cups, string cheese, pretzels, etc. Examples of non­
    nutritious snacks: soda, cookies, cakes, donuts, candy, chips, etc.

Every Student, Every Day

  • Our Academic Standards into Cross-Curricular Projects that Allow our Students to connect their Learning to their Worlds Outside of School
  • Our Diverse Elective Courses Allow our Students Every Opportunity to Find their Passions in Possible Future Career Paths
  • Students Explore in their Most Influential Years with STEAM Courses and Programs like Femineers and ASB
  • We offer Advanced English 7th and 8th Grade, as well as Advanced Math 7th Grade and Integrated Math I 8th Grade
  • Our Project Lead The Way Classes are Offered for All Grade Levels
  • We Help our Students think Outside the Box with our Design Thinking Approach
  • We Teach Students to be Solution-Oriented as they use Cognitive, Strategic and Practical Processes to Solve Problems in the Classroom, with Friends, or at Home
  • We Received the ERP Honor Roll School Award in 2019-2020
  • Our Femineer Teacher, Mr. Nguyen, was Named the Ellen Ochoa 2021 Femineer Teacher of the Year Award

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