Tri-lingual programs

Lakeside Union School District Offers Only Trilingual Immersion Program in the County 

Lakeside, CA, October 27, 2020-Give your child new opportunities and an extensive skill set with Lakeside Union School District's trilingual program! LUSD is the only school district in the county that offers a trilingual immersion experience for its students. Students can enroll in Spanish and Mandarin classes as early as age four, then continue their language learning programs up to high school. These programs are comprised of three different methods: 

Trilingual Immersion Program in the County

Full immersion-Almost all subjects are taught in the foreign language in the lower grades, English usage increases as students get older.

 Partial immersion-Half of subjects are taught in a foreign language and sometimes reinforced in English. 

Two-way immersion-English and the foreign language are given equal emphasis, with a large number of students being native speakers of the non-English language. 

Trilingual Immersion Program in the County

These immersion programs set students up for success and allow them to gain various valuable skills. In addition to becoming trilingual, students will attract colleges and employers alike with their increased academic achievement. While participating in the World Language Program, students also learn about and appreciate unique and diverse cultures. 

To learn more about trilingual immersion and other outstanding programs in the Lakeside Union School District, visit the LUSD website! 

About Lakeside Union School District  

The Lakeside Union School District (LUSD) is located in the East County area of San Diego, California and is comprised of seven elementary schools and two middle schools. LUSD is dedicated to providing a challenging environment that will instill a love of lifelong learning and promote academic, vocational and social skills necessary for fulfillment in students’ futures. LUSD strives to ensure every child has a quality education in a safe, accepting, and respectful environment where education is exciting. Visit the district at and follow Lakeside Union School District on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram