• School Rules
    At Lakeside Farms, we strive to provide a safe and fair school for our students.  The rules and policies listed below are designed to promote a positive learning environment.  We encourage our families to be Safe, Responsible, and Respectful.  If you have any questions or concerns, please see our office staff.


    Before School
    - Students may arrive on campus at 8:30am. Students are to report directly to the Lunch Tables where supervision is provided. At 8:45am, students will be released to the big playground. During this time, students may hang up their backpacks by their classroom and either line up in their designated lines or walk/run around the track until the school bell rings. (This is a great time for students to participate in the Running Club.)
    - Supervision is provided for Kindergarten students after 8:40am, on the Kindergarten playground. Only Kindergarten students are allowed to stay on the Kindergarten playground (Unless a student is in a K/1 combo class).
    During School

    1) Students will walk in the hallways and on the blacktop.

    2) No toys, games, electronic devices or balls should be brought from home.

    3) Appropriate language is to be used at school.  Put downs, swearing, or bullying

    are not permitted.

    4) Students will pick up their own trash.

    5) Students will stay in designated areas at all times.

    6) Cell phone use is not permitted during school hours.  Cell phones seen during the

    day will be confiscated.

    7) Gum chewing is not permitted on campus.

    After School
    Students are to report to their designated areas.
    - Kindergarten students are released from the Kindergarten playground.
    - 1st-4th Grade students are released from the Lunch Tables.
    - 5th Grade Students are released from the Kindergarten playground. 

Last Modified on January 1, 2017