• Welcome to Lindo Park School!
    Welcome to Lindo Park! We are passionate about teaching and learning! We teach students to excel in global society, where we integrate research-based curriculum in a 21st Century environment. We focus on critical thinking, creativity, communication, and collaboration! We specialize in providing students with unique pathways to higher learning through innovative arts, sciences, and technology.  
    Lindo Park is a neighborhood school serving the Lakeside Community for more than sixty years. We are located in a semi-rural community, 25 miles east of San Diego. A 54-acre county park and lake are directly across the street from our school. We serve a variety of residential areas including single-family homes and apartment complexes. Our community is culturally diverse and provides us with a rich cultural heritage. Our keys to successful teaching and learning are a dynamic and talented staff, engaging instruction, one-to-one digital opportunities, dedicated parents who volunteer time and energy, supportive community partnerships, excellent extended student services, and most importantly energetic, resilient students who come to school each day wanting to learn and excel. 


    We have evening activities for parents and students including Family Science Night, Bingo Night, PTA School Smarts Parent Academy, Lindo Park’s Got Talent, and Family Book Fair Night, in addition to Primary and Intermediate Science Clubs, Robotics, Dance-Choirs, Spanish Clubs, and after-school sports opportunities. We have a dedicated Science Lab that is utilized to present hands-on Next Generation Science Standards experiments and instruction. Weekly music instruction is offered to 4th and 5th grade students by an expert music teacher.


    We have developed a positive school climate where all students feel safe. All classrooms have common rules that are woven into the curriculum. Student service to the community is encouraged at school through Safety Patrol, Playground Leaders, and vibrant partnerships with the Lakeside Chamber of Commerce, Optimists, Stadium Association, Women’s Club, Historical Society, and Lindo Lake County Park Rangers. Finally, in order to promote our school spirit, create a safe and orderly environment and focus on rigorous academic achievement for all students, Lindo Park Staff and PTA focus on parent engagement and community service. We know that when families and community are positively involved in students’ schools, academic excellence rises!