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    Read ~ Read ~ Read all about...  FREE READ cards!
    Read at your AR Level to earn Free Read Cards.  Once you have a card, you can use it to check out a library book that is either not at your level or does not have an AR star on it. 

    How can YOU earn a FREE READ Card?  Once you have read an English book and a Spanish book both at your AR level and completed an AR quiz on each AND scoring at least 80% I will give you a card! 

    Easy Right!?!

    Hey Parents...

    that reading challenges are often linked to reading confidence?  A few tricks taken from Riverview's Everyone A Reader program may help your struggling student gain a love of reading:
    • Keep reading sessions to 15 minutes.
    • Let your child read to you WITHOUT any corrections.  Let them sound out the words and only help when they ask for it!
    • Keep a smile on your face!  Even when it seems frustrating to you, it is way more frustrating for them.
    • Praise your child for finishing the book or chapter!  Keep praise while reading short and sweet, but make sure to go back AFTER the book is finished and praise up a storm (make mental notes of successes and what the page number was so you can go back to reference it, actually show them where they did great.)  ESPECIALLY successful self-corrections, even more so if it was something that you talked about correcting last time.  There is no limit to this, find ways to praise when successes are few.
    • NOW you can talk about errors, but 3 is the limit!  Point out NO MORE than three mistakes (make a mental note throughout the book of errors and on what page, especial ones that reoccur-like pronouncing "ei" wrong multiple times.)  Work on the most important three and leave the rest for later. 
    Finally, keep that smile on your face and soon you will both be able to relax when it comes to reading time!

    Library Goals
    For all Riverview students to gain a love of reading!  I will give you the skills you need to find a book you want to read and the excitement to be ready to find that next great book.
    Confidence is key to wanting to read, and that is what you will gain at your Riverview Library!
    I will help you break away from barriers you have about books.  It is okay to explore new genres, be interested in books your friends are not and to want to read!
    Finally, I am here for you to ask questions.  I firmly believe that there are no silly questions and that all questions are valid!  Don't be afraid to ask me anything!
    About Mrs. Roosa~
    I am not only your Riverview library clerk, I am also a wife, mother of two wonderful boys and a business owner.  I LOVE childhood literacy and beautiful pictures in books.

    I have not always been a lover of reading!  I didn't enjoy reading until I was in high school and found my all time favorite book: James and the Giant Peach written by Roald Dahl in 1961.  I LOVE how descriptive Mr. Dahl writes, it is like taking an adventure every time I pick up one of his books.  There was no stopping me after that book, then I found one of my favorite authors is Dean Koontz, he is a master of suspense.

    My absolutely favorite thing about reading is the pictures my mind creates of the story.  It is like watching the film while I read.

    HAVE YOU EVER... closed your eyes and listened to someone read a book?  Try it some time, you'll be amazed at what you'll create in your mind (while you are listening and after!) 

    Write down what you saw, maybe it will be the start of a great NEW story!



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