• From the December 2015 issue of Mustang Magazine, a student created publication:
    The Riverview garden is really called the Harold Hilliker memorial garden. Harold Hilliker served on the Lakeside School District Board of Education for 24 years. The garden has been here since 2012 and was constructed by parents, students and volunteers. When it was  finished it was winter so they planted kale, squash and carrots first. Then in  2013, the orchard was planted by students as well as the Common Vision Group. In 2015, Common Vision helped us to put on some protectors for the orchard so ants could not get to the leaves.

    The Common Vision Group comes every other year to help prune and put on more protectors for the orchard. They will be here in February. The people who had the idea for the garden were Sra. Rudder and parent, Suzanne Cox. Now there are 3-4 volunteers in the garden and they have garden club during lunch on the first and third Wednesday of the month, so you’re welcome to come and bring your lunch.

    by Nathan Livesey