• Challenge Classes
    What are they?
    Challenge Classes are fast-paced, computer based classes that focus on a combination of long-term and short-term projects infused with Common Core standards and designed to give students a solid foundation in computer skills such as downloading and uploading files, working in different browsers, utilizing templates, and combining information from several programs while thinking critically about both what they're researching as well as judging validity of sources. Depending on grade level, they will use Pages, Word, Excel, Photo Booth, iPhoto, PowerPoint, Keynote, iMovie, and/or Pixie to create their projects. They learn the basics in conducting Internet research while developing content for their projects.  Students gain a rudimentary knowledge of copyright law and learn how to create online bibliographies. There is a strong emphasis on personal responsibility and fostering the ability to advocate for themselves educationally. 
    Who can participate?
    The Challenge Classes seek to provide an advanced level of enrichment for those students in grades 3-5 who already know or quickly learn the curriculum for their grade level and are in need of an additional challenge. Since many of the projects for Challenge Classes are based on student-selected topics and output, timelines for completion vary from student to student. Therefore, students need to be independent workers.
    Space is limited due to the number of computers available, so students are considered in the following order: students identified for GATE by the district, students who scored advanced in both English Language Arts and Mathematics on the CSTs, and finally, teacher recommendation. Each year, grade level teams, administration, the Challenge Class teacher, and the prior year’s teacher determine which students are best served by participating. As Riverview is a language school, an advanced level of proficiency in the target language, whether Spanish or Mandarin, and in English are our highest priorities, so deficits in these areas will preclude participation. Students are expected to maintain their regular classwork and homework and have laudable behavior for consideration. 
Last Modified on January 26, 2016