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                                                    Ms. Bass, Mrs. Smith, and Mrs. Duncan  always having fun together!

    Welcome to the 4th Grade Team Page!  Ms. Bass, Mrs. Smith, and Mrs. Duncan are so excited to begin our 2 year journey with students for their 4th and 5th grade experience!!  Here at Lindo Park School, we loop with our students for 4th and 5th grade.  This means that you will have the same teacher for 2 years in a row!! There are so many benefits to looping.  Here are a few reasons why we think it is so wonderful:  It helps to build long term relationships with students, parents and families.  We develop a high level of caring and respect in our classrooms.  We know what our students strengths and weaknesses are.  There are no wasted days getting to know one another or learning routines and rules since these things were already established the year before.  Also, it promotes teacher innovation.  This means new projects and new activities since we are aware of what has already been taught the year before.
    So many exciting events occur in 4th and 5th Grade at Lindo Park School.  In 4th grade we study about the gold rush and create a fantastic Gold Rush experience for our students.  During our 4th grade year we work hard to raise money for a trip to JA Biz Town.  BizTown is an academic program that concludes with a fantastic  field trip that all 5th graders are able to attend.  JA Biz Town combines in-class learning with a day long visit to a simulated town.  This program allows students to operate banks, manage restaurants, write checks and vote for mayor.  The program helps students connect the dots between what they learn in school and the real world. 
    In 4th and 5th grade, the arts are very ALIVE!!  In fact, our Multipurpose Room is in the middle of getting a makeover with mirrors being added to enhance our Friday dance instruction! Every Friday we have Art, Dancing/Singing, Music/Band and P.E. classes.  Our students rotate through each 4th Grade Teacher who are experts in each of these areas.  There are many performance opportunities for 4th graders.  Our Artwork is entered and displayed in many different community art contests and shows.  We participate in the Jr. Olympics each year where we show off our Physical Education abilities.  In fact, we even have a sports club after school!  See the office to get information on how to join!  For our dancers and singers, they perform annually at the Winter Extravaganza as well as other school events. If you are interested in joining our after school Dance/Choir program that performs all over the Lakeside community including the Del Mar Fair, please click here for more information.  Lindo Park Dance/Choir      
    In 4th Grade we also perform a play at the end of the school year for the entire school, our family, and friends.  The play is always tied to what we are learning in either Social Studies or Science.  Students get a chance to sing, dance, and get a taste for the theater!
    At Lindo Park we have a designated Science Lab.  This is a room that has special science equipment for all of the engaging Science Experiments we like to perform in 4th Grade.  From dissecting a pig heart, to building a digestive system model, to creating a Universe in a Box, we do it all in 4th Grade.  We know that children love to learn by DOING and make sure they are having fun while they are at it!
    Team Members:
    Suzy Bass
    Victoria Duncan
    Patricia Smith
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