Lindo Park School's Opening - April 25, 1949

Lindo Park School
  • On April 25th, 1949, Lindo Park School was dedicated and open to the public. The cost of the new school was $139,000, and Sam M. Harnill was the school architect. The school originally consisted of a kindergarten, six classrooms, and an office, however, the master plan called for expanding to two kindergarten classes, 12 additional classrooms, a cafeteria/auditorium. The expansion was completed in 1952.  


Superintendent of Schools, San Diego County - Dr. John S. Carroll

Supt. John Carroll

Lindo Park's First Flag Ceremony - April 25, 1949

1949 Flag Ceremony

Dedication Ceremony

Board of Trustees, 1949
  • Board of Trustees, Lakeside Union School District, L to R:C. Rupert Linley, Douglas McClain, J. Hart Dunham, John B. Wilkinson, Arthur L. Foster, and School Superintendent Elmer M. Walker. Photo by W.R. Bledsoe


    At the dedication ceremonies, Supt. Elmer (Dutch) Walker said all the work, careful planning and the effort of the entire district to provide Lakeside with the finest modern school had definitely been accomplished. The day of dedication fell on the first day of Public Schools Week.


    The dedication activities began at 9:30 am and included an invocation, a call to colors, flag raising, Star Spangled Banner, and remarks by Hart Dunham, Mrs. Aaron Larson of the Lakeside PTA, and Dr. John S, Carroll, Supt. of Schools of San Diego County. There was music by the school band, singing by the Girls' Glee Club, a benediction and a tree planting by the Lakeside Kiwanis. The festivities continued until 3 pm as the entire community participated in a festival and pot-luck at El Monte Park.


    The new school was well situated to serve the town of Lakeside, as well as Dexter Valley, El Monte, and Lakeview areas. Approximately half of the students who were enrolled in the Lakeside Grammar School transferred to the new school on April 26th, 1949. Lakeside Grammar School continued to serve students from Lakeside Farms, Eucalyptus Hills, Riverview Farms, and Whiter Gardens communities as well as to serve all the 7th and 8th-grade students from the entire district.


    The school staff in 1949 consisted of:

    Mrs. Ruby A. Nelson, Principal, and 4th-grade teacher

    Mrs. Claire Westrick, Kindergarten teacher

    Mrs. Helen S. Kriel, 1st-grade teacher

    Mrs. Maxine Gideon, 2nd-grade teacher

    Mrs. Grace M. Boyer, 3rd-grade teacher

    Mrs. Dessie W. LaCourse, 5th-grade teacher

    Helen Canady, Secretary

    Manley E. Rowe, Custodian, Gardner 



Supt. Elmer Walker Introduces the School Board

Supt. Elmer Walker Introduces Brd

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Lindo Park School's First Safety Patrol, 1949

Lindo Park's First Safety Patrol
  • Lindo Park School's first Safety Patrol in 1949

    L to R: Robert Houlihan, George Woods, Douglas Fuller, Leonard Philbrook, Joe Gibson, Edward Welch, Robert Duncan, Sam Wallace, Erroll Barcia, and Marshall Goodwin