Lindo Park Recycles

  •   Paper recycling!

    Recycling Rocks at Lindo Park! Lindo Park PTA, teachers, students, and families are dedicated to doing their part in the efforts of recycling. 

    Lindo Park teachers, staff, and students are committed to recycling paper in their classrooms.  Lindo Park families are also committed to bringing in their plastic bottles and aluminum cans on 'Recycle Fridays'.  Please make sure when bringing in your bags that your child gets credit for it by marking the bag with their name and their teacher's name. Bags can now be brought to room B2 for credit!

    Lindo Park Recyclers are rewarded throughout the year with fun treats.  Also, the class with the most consistant recyclers gets the super cool "Recycling Rocks" trophy for their class at the recognition assembilies. 
    After school Helpers, Serria and Jada           Great helpers!           
Last Modified on October 16, 2018