• mad science  
    Light, Sight, & Sound
    Class Day: Wednesday
    Class Time: 12:25 PM  - 1:25 PM
    Class Dates: 04/23/2014 through 05/28/2014
    Cost Per Student: $74.95 
    Register online at: http://sandiego.madscience.org/
    Mad Science (858) 505-4880
    Harnessing Heat
    Explore the properties of heat & create a mini heat rocket. Change the states of matter & learn about friction & how it produces heat.

    Lights, Color, Action
    Uncover a rainbow hidden inside white light & build your own color wheel. See a spectacular chemical energy display!

    Magnetic Magic
    Investigate the invisible power of magnets. Test for electromagnetic field & build your own magnetic game to take home! 

    Optical Illusions
    Build your own periscope while learning about optics, reflection, & vision! 

    Explore the world of polymers & chemical reactions that create them. Transform two liquids into slippery slime!

    Sonic Sound
    Discover sound waves & create your own sound effects. Make your own Super Hanger Banger & sound amplifier.
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