• My main purpose is to give my students a relevant, individualized education that inspires them to be lifelong, self-motivated, and active learners who value social responsibility.  I provide active, authentic learning experiences and many opportunities for student collaboration so that students may construct their own understandings and interact with and learn from each other.  Through emphases on the impacts and influences of individual and group choices, I strive to instill in students a sense of individuality as well as a sense of community.  Our classroom is an environment in which collaboration, voice, responsibility, leadership, and ownership are deeply valued.  Each child works at appropriate levels of depth and complexity through the design and implementation of differentiated, student-centered experiences that are based on each child’s unique needs and strengths.  Students are aided in becoming more independent by being encouraged to assess and self-monitor their problem-solving, critical thinking, and organizational skills.  In order to help students develop their abilities to assess themselves and the world around them in an intentional and meaningful way, I encourage students to challenge their own beliefs, understandings, and actions and to back them up with rationales.  Above all, I am committed to nurturing a passion for learning and a sense of significance that motivates students to reach their ultimate potential!


Last Modified on June 28, 2012