• Lamia Matti--Secretary
    Beth Woodill - Health Clerk

    Our office staff has set the following goals:

    **    To warmly welcome each student, staff member, parent and guest that enters our office

    **    To assist each person that phones or enters our office courteously and efficiently

    **    To assist the teaching staff with whatever needs arise which will enable them to best serve each student

    **    To keep lines of communication open through phone calls, parent newsletters, outdoor electronic marquee and website

    **    To assist PTA in each of their endeavors

    **    In short, to oversee all school activities to be sure our students and parents have a successful, positive experience here at Lakeview school

    We strongly encourage you to call (390-2652) or visit us at any time. We are always here to help, listen and do our best to continue to make Lakeview School the best in the district.
Last Modified on June 11, 2015