• S1 
    Fun on our Dairy Field Trip with Mrs. Jennings!

    Teachers:  Brenda Potts, Stacy Jennings, Elaine Paquette

    1.  Please mark their name on:  backpacks, lunch boxes, and jackets.
    2.  Please do not write their names on school supplies.  We share our "community supplies."
    3.  If your child does not know how to tie their shoes; now is a good time to teach them, or send them in slip-ons or velcro fasteners.
         Shoes must have a strap around the heel for their safety. (No flip flops).
    4.  We are a full day kindergarten.  If your child is still napping--please begin a routine around our school schedule.
         School begins at 8:50  and ends at 3:00.  Begin a bedtime routine of reading to your child nightly and having them in bed by 8:00.
    5.   We have an early recess and an afternoon snack time.  Please send two nutritional snacks each day with your child. 

Last Modified on September 23, 2016