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    Mrs. Lina Cortes
    Lakeside Farms Elementary                      
    4th Grade, Room 6
     Time for Spring!
         I can't believe how fast the school year is going!  Wasn't it just recently that we were on Winter Vacation and now it's Easter/Spring Break???
         With 100+ days into the school year, we are in full swing, academically speaking.  Students are learning to R.A.C.E. when they need to formulate an answer. R.A.C.E. stand for: R=restate the question; A=answer all the parts, C=cite the evidence, and E=explain everything!  Realisitic and Historical Fiction will be a focus this third trimester.
         In math, our focus was on fractions and decimals, and now we are moving toward 3 ways to multiply!  Please continue to work with them on the basic multiplication facts.
         In Social Studies we are moving west!  We'll be learning about the pioneers, the Westward Movement, and the Gold Rush!  
         Have a wonderful Spring Break and vacation and see you in April!