LUSD World Language Programs

  • Mandarin Instruction  

    Modeled after the pioneering French immersion programs developed in Canada in the 1960s, the LUSD foreign language immersion programs are designed to enrich the education of native-English-speaking students by teaching them all of their academic subjects in a second language. The goal is for students to become proficient in the second language and develop increased cultural awareness while reaching a high level of academic achievement. Students develop proficiency in the second language by hearing and using it to learn all of their school subjects rather than by studying the language itself.


    In foreign language immersion programs, the regular school curriculum is taught in the immersion language for at least half of the school day. In partial immersion programs, instructional time is divided equally between English and the immersion language throughout the elementary grades. In full immersion programs, teachers use no English at all in the early grades.

    Full Immersion – Programs in which all or almost all subjects taught in the lower grades (K-2) are taught in the foreign language; instruction in English usually increases in the upper grades (3-6) to 20%-50%, depending on the program.

    Partial Immersion – Programs in which up to 50% of subjects are taught in the foreign language; in some programs, the material taught in the foreign language is reinforced in English.


    (1) WINTER GARDENS CAMPUS - Grades K & 1
    (2) RIVERVIEW CAMPUS – Grades 2 through 5
    Riverview International Academy Spanish immersion program begins as full immersion in Kindergarten with English instruction beginning in 2nd grade at approximately 10% and increasing incrementally to approximately 30% by 5th grade. Spanish immersion students receive Mandarin instruction two times per month in grades K-2. In grades 3-5, Spanish immersion students receive approximately 60 minutes of Mandarin per week.
    Riverview International Academy Mandarin immersion program is a partial immersion model providing 50% Mandarin instruction and 50% English instruction in grades K-5. Mandarin immersion students receive Spanish instruction two times per month in grades K-2 and approximately 60 minute of Spanish per week in grades 3-5.


    Lakeview Spanish immersion program is partial immersion model providing 90% Spanish instruction and 10% English instruction. There’s a 10% increment in English instruction after Kinder. By 5th grade, 50% Spanish instruction and 50% English instruction.


    (1) Lakeside Middle School - Spanish Immersion
    (2) Tierra del Sol Middle School - Mandarin & Spanish Immersion
    In grades 6-8, students will continue their immersion journey by taking two courses in the target language: Literature and History-Social Science Course. Students also have the opportunity to continue with the 3rd language option before or after school classes.
Last Modified on October 21, 2020