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    Welcome to the Lakeside Middle School Band and Orchestra Page
    Music is an important part of Lakeside Middle School and we are especially proud to have an outstanding string orchestra program as well as an outstanding band program. LMS is one of only a few East County middle schools to offer a string orchestra program in addition to band.

    Our Instrumental music classes teach all the FUNdamentals necessary to become a growing musician. We learn theory, basic composition and improvisation skills, as well as how to play and perform on an instrument. Our beginning music classes perform at least twice a year while our advanced classes perform throughout the year at a number of different locations. Please see the music performance dates listed in the music handbooks. A link to PDF versions of the beginning music handbook and advanced music handbook can be found by clicking on the appropriate information link to the left.

    Currently LMS has a seven period day and band and orchestra classes are taught daily during the first 4 periods. Students can choose to take either Beginning or Advanced Band, or Beginning or Advanced Orchestra as an elective class. (Please see our course descriptions on this page for more information). We also have a large number of instruments available for students to use for free.

    I recommend that students who wish to take band or orchestra begin in 6th grade. This allows the students to continue learning music in an advanced music class in 7th and 8th grade. This in turn will allow students to become outstanding musicians as they progress through middle school and onto high school. Students and parents will both find that band and orchestra classes attract a lot of the top students and being part of a music group in middle school allows the students to develop great friendships. Also, having a stable group of quality friends is especially important as the students get older and are ready to move to high school. I find the students that perform in music groups throughout middle school develop great discipline as well as fine listening and social skills. These skills continue to provide benefits outside the music classroom as students enter high school and beyond. In fact, I’ve found that students that continue in music performance groups in high school are often some of the most successful students in their schools and in their future careers.

    Finally, thank you to all the parents that take the time to encourage their children to participate in experiencing music. Music is a wonderful way to experience school in a non-traditional setting while developing musicianship, as well as self-discipline, and thinking and listening skills. Music is also a powerful way to stimulate our brains and music provides us with another avenue of expression. I look forward to seeing you in the future. If you have any questions about our program feel free to call.

    Jason Justeson, Instrumental Music teacher
    619-390-2636 x6001