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    Parent can email Rachel Camarero (at DO first)



    Payment Process: 

    Who: Business Office 

    NO CASH this year!! 

    My School Bucks/Checks Mailed (Electronic Check available)

    COST 2020/21-  $240 per student 

    (no Equity credit this year, built in) 

    Payment due in full by 12/11/2020

    Visit the San Diego County Office of Education web site for information about the camp:



    Arrangements are being made for Lakeside Middle School students to attend Outdoor School during the week of Janaury 13-15, 2020.  Outdoor School is a three-day residential program coordinated through the San Diego County Office of Education.  Students who attend the program will have the opportunity to learn in a natural environment and participate in hands-on activities that incorporate the state’s science framework.  The curriculum includes life science, biology, botany, earth science, geology, meteorology, astronomy, outdoor skills, Native American lore, recreational activities, and crafts.  Several of our LMS teachers will accompany the students to Outdoor School and will remain with them during the full three-day program. Visit the SDCOE Outdoor School web site:




    The total cost for Outdoor School is $240.00, which includes transportation to and from Outdoor School.  Parents must register their child at the Lakeside Union School District Office, located at 12335 Woodside Avenue.  A $50 deposit (which counts toward the total cost) must be submitted to the District Office no later than November 1, 2020.  The balance of  be received by the District Office by December 11, 2020 unless other arrangements have been made through a District or school site administrator.  Payments by check or payments on Myschoolbucks.com (no cash) must be made through the district office. For payment questions e-mail rcamarero@lsusd.net 


    Please note that the payments associated with Outdoor School are voluntary contributions and no student will be denied participation based on lack of payment.  Any requests for financial assistance must be in writing and submitted to the school principal by November 1, 2020. Once the District determines the amount of voluntary contributions, the District will make a determination whether to fundraise the additional amount or cancel the trip due to lack of adequate funding.  In the unfortunate event that the District has to cancel Outdoor School because of a funding shortfall, any contributions made to the District (including deposits) will be returned. 

    If you need financial assistance or arrangements to make payments, please contact Steve Mull, principal, in writing and received by November 1, 2020.  All conversations with District or site administration regarding financial matters will remain strictly confidential.  We will do everything we can to accommodate your individual needs so that your student will not miss this fantastic learning opportunity.


    Additional Program Details

    Students will be randomly separated and will sleep in bunk beds in separate cabins.  Together or apart requests must be for a valid reason and must be turned in to your child’s core teacher.  


     Any allergies or special dietary needs (e.g., vegetarian) will be accommodated.  There is a registered nurse at Outdoor School who distributes medication and can address health-related issues.  Parents may contact the Outdoor School nurse or chef regarding their child’s special health or dietary needs at 760) 765-4110.


    Students requiring medication will need a white medical authorization form signed by a physician.  The medical form will give the on-site nurse permission to administer certain over-the-counter medications.  White medical forms do no need to be turned in early.  The form stays with the child’s medication and must be turned in on the day we depart.


    The required forms and packing lists will be handed out to parents at the upcoming informational meeting in November.   These forms, as well as camping checklists and an interactive site map, are also available on the San Diego County Office of Education’s website, located at http://www.sdcoe.k12.ca.us/outdoored. 


    We will be departing in school buses from Lakeside Middle School on January 13 at 8:30 a.m.  We will return on January 15 between noon and 12:30 p.m.  Parents need to make arrangements to pick up their child at this time.


    If you have any questions, please contact Lakeside Middle School at (619) 390-2636 or the District Office at (619) 390-2600.  Your child’s core teacher is also a contact person for information on Outdoor School.