• HomeFlex FAQ 

    Frequently Asked Questions


    Where can I get more information about the HomeFlex school for the 2021-2020 school year? 

    Please attend one of our Zoom information sessions for the 2021-2022 school year on:

    • Friday, February 12th from 12:00-1:00pm
    • Thursday, February 18th from 6:00-7:00pm
    • Wednesday, February 24th from 9:00-10:00am

    Zoom ID: 969 7915 9081 Passcode: 982577


    What is HomeFlex? 

    HomeFlex runs as a traditional home school. By selecting HomeFlex, you will become the primary educator for your child, teaching them English, math, history, and science. HomeFlex requires availability and commitment by the parent to prepare, administer, and grade assignments and learning activities that you will then submit for review. You will be provided curriculum and support from a HomeFlex teacher.  Expect to have your child engaged in learning activities 3-5 hours a day.  


    How is HomeFlex different from Distance Learning? 

    HomeFlex is different from distance learning as you create your student's daily assignments, you grade their work, and you submit this work monthly to ensure student progress.  With Distance learning, following the required learning minute guidelines, a teacher will provide live teaching minutes each day and additional learning activities to conduct at home. 


    How do I enroll? 

    You are not automatically enrolled by any survey selection. If you would like to continue your enrollment in HomeFlex, you need to set up a phone appointment to see if the school is a good fit for you and your family by emailing Monica Farren (HomeFlex teacher) at mfarren@lsusd.net or Hee Jin Peterson (HomeFlex Principal) at hpeterson@lsusd.net 


    How do students get their assignments? 

    In HomeFlex, parents/guardians serve as the primary educator.  Using the provided curriculum and with support from a HomeFlex teacher, parents/guardians are responsible for creating activities, assignments, projects, and assessments. No packets are provided.


    What curriculum will I use?

    The curriculum offered provides the foundation for student learning, yet students in HomeFlex are able to learn outside the walls of a school and home. Families have the flexibility and time to learn with first hand experiences at museums, parks, and family outings.

    HomeFlex families can choose curriculum that is aligned with the Common Core standards. Families are provided with the option to choose traditional textbooks and workbooks and/or online adaptive learning platforms. Families will also be supported in creating hands on projects and activities. The curriculum provided below is also used throughout the Lakeside Union School District schools. 


    English Language Arts

    • McGraw Hill Wonders (textbooks and workbooks)
    • Redbird online adaptive software

    Social Studies

    • Scott Foresman (textbooks and workbooks)


    • Mystery Science (online video based hands on activities)


    • Everyday Mathematics (textbook and workbook)
    • ALEKS online adaptive fundamental skills practice
    • Redbird online adaptive software
    • Khan Academy 

    Middle School


    • Prentice Prentice Hall Timeless Voices, Timeless Themes textbook and teacher edition
    • Daily Grammar workbook
    • Novel studies 


    • McGraw Hill California Inspire history grades 6-8 Integrated curriculum online (6th: World History and Geography, 7th: Medieval and Early Modern Times, 8th: United States History and Geography)

    • 6th grade: GlenCoe Discovering Our Past Ancient Civilizations textbook and teacher edition

    • 7th grade: GlenCoe Discovering Our Past Medieval and Early Modern Times textbook and teacher edition

    • 8th grade: GlenCoe Discovering Our Past The American Journey textbook and teacher edition


    • McGraw Hill California Inspire Science grades 6-8 Integrated curriculum online (6th: 7th: 8th )
    • 6th grade: CPO Focus on Earth Science textbook and teacher edition 
    • 7th grade: CPO Focus on Life Science textbook and teacher edition 
    • 8th grade: CPO Focus on Physical Science textbook and teacher edition 


    • ALEKS online adaptive fundamental skills practice
    • Illustrative online adaptive software
    • Khan Academy 
    • 6th grade: Prentice Hall California Grade 6 Math textbook and teacher edition  
    • 7th grade: Prentice Hall California Algebra Readiness textbook and teacher edition 
    • 8th grade: Prentice Hall California Pre-Algebra textbook and teacher edition 

    Do students come to school for the entire day? 

    No. Students in the HomeFlex School are taught at home. Some enrichment classes are offered online via zoom with a HomeFlex teacher.  If health guidelines allow it, there may be some events and classes in person following the same safety protocals at other Lakeside Union School District sites.  HomeFlex students in middle school students can take 1-2 classes on a middle school campus or via zoom if it is offered. 


    How does my child earn attendance?  

    Students in HomeFlex earn attendance based on the work they complete as opposed to a traditional school where students earn attendance going to school/class each day. At weekly meetings with Mrs. Farren, completed assignments are reviewed. Every six weeks, two work samples are collected in English, history, science, mathematics, and physical education verification. 


    Do you offer classes? In what subject? 

    As the parent, you are the primary educator for each subject. To enrich the instruction you provide, we offer various enrichment classes via zoom (reading and writing, Spanish, fitness, and social time). 


    What other district services do I have access to? 

    If in person offerings are once again allowed:

    Elementary students may take any after school club offered at a Lakeside Union school.  They may also be in elective classes like band and chorus.     

    Middle school students may participate in any after school clubs or sports. They may also take 1-2 of any middle school classes offered at Lakeside Middle School and Tierra Del Sol Middle School. 


    What support will I receive in starting my homeschool journey? 

    When first starting, parents/guardians will check in with a HomeFlex teacher weekly.  At these meetings, support will be provided with planning assignments, creating activities, help for fostering a successful home learning dynamic, and ensuring your student is progressing academically. 


    Can my student enroll in HomeFlex if they have an IEP? 

    If your student has an IEP and is currently enrolled in the Lakeside Union School District, we would hold an IEP to discuss the possibility of choosing HomeFlex. We advise that you discuss with your case manager/special education teacher as well.  If your student is not in our district, then we would first review the IEP with you to determine if HomeFlex is the right fit for your student. For more information regarding your child’s IEP, please contact our site administrator Hee Jin Peterson at hjpeterson@lsusd.net


    Will my students be able to be in immersion classes? 

    No. Immersion classes are not offered, however middle school students may take 1-2 classes at the middle school sites and this can include language classes. 


    If I have more questions, can I talk with the teacher or administrator?

    Yes. Please email administrator Mrs. Peterson at hjpeterson@lsusd.net or teacher Mrs. Farren at mfarren@lsusd.net to set up an appointment.