"The Lakeside Union School District Home Flex School is the perfect option for parents who want to give their children a more personal learning experience. Being able to tailor our days to fit my daughter's needs has helped her improve in all subject areas immensely. My daughter gets to learn in a group of four when she is on campus with the Home Flex teacher three hours per week. Being in that small of a classroom setting ensures my daughter is able to get the support she needs from her teacher, while still learning how to correctly interact with the other students in the classroom. Having the freedom to choose what supplemental activities we do to compliment the required book work has given my daughter the opportunity to learn in a more hands on direct way, which is definitely the learning style that suits her best! Home Flex has helped my daughters confidence grow and has helped her to feel like she really understands the things she is learning. The best part about Home Flex, in my opinion, is the fact that my daughter looks forward to school every day, rather than dreading class in a typical public school setting."

    -Lacey Vuietich, Home Flex parent of a 4th grader 


    "My child has particular emotional and learning needs that the traditional middle school environment wasn’t meeting, but home school seemed like an extreme solution that would fail to meet other important needs. The Home Flex School is the perfect arrangement that can be tailored to provide exactly what our bright young student needs both emotionally and academically."

    -Mrs. Houck,  Home Flex parent of a 7th grader 


    "The Home Flex School is the best decision we have ever made for our son regarding his education.  Under Mrs. Farren’s influence he has blossomed.  He’s learning important life skills as he grows academically.  He’s become more confident and is learning to overcome tough obstacles.  He doesn’t give up as easily and perseveres through the difficult subjects.  He has also learned to love himself again and has found his passion.  Mrs. Farren has helped him achieve all of this.  Because of her and this school, our son believes he has a bright future ahead of him.  He is excited about pursuing a career in science.  Thank you for allowing him the opportunity to believe in himself again and to dream.”

    -Jennifer Franke, Home Flex parent of a 4th grader 


    "The first time my son met Mrs. Farren to learn more about the Home Flex School, you would have thought that he had won the lottery. The instructor’s passion about the school and its possibilities immediately inspired my son to want to be a part of this learning experience. My husband and I felt confident that our son would thrive within this positive learning environment. We were pleased to have the opportunity to use our own creativity to enhance the curriculum along with the guidance of an experienced teacher. The small group instruction has allowed my son to work directly with the teacher and get immediate feedback on his performance. This has allowed him to perfect his writing and grammar skills. The transition to Home Flex has been an easy process since my son continues to have classroom instruction a couple of days a week and continue his band practice at a L.S.U.S.D campus. The best part about being a parent of a Home Flex student is that I have the chance to see my child’s self-esteem, maturity, and joy flourish." 

    -Kristen Bronk, Home Flex parent of a 5th grader