• Lakeside Union School District's Home School Flex

    Home Flex builds competence, critical thinking, creativity, and communication in all learners. Home Flex is a part of Lakeside Union School District's commitment to academic excellence, a rich and varied curriculum, and innovative learning while focusing on our board goals of promoting academic achievement, socio-emotional wellbeing, and physical environments that support student learning. Home Flex is an excellent option for students to be a part of our award winning school district when attending five full school days each week is not the ideal option for you.


    Ideal learning Environment

    The Home Flex classroom is based out of Eucalyptus Hills School in room 6. Many students find that they prefer learning independently to that of the traditional school model. While certain students may thrive under the social environment of a traditional school, some students find themselves distracted or overwhelmed by the large school setting. In addition, families often want their student's education to be personalized based on their child's abilities, passions, interests, and strengths and weaknesses. Furthermore, some students have anxieties, health restrictions, and life changing events that make Home Flex the more nurturing learning environment, making us the perfect option to meet permanent or temporary needs.


    Flexibility of Schedule

    Home Flex is not guided by bells, so students can create a schedule with our Home Flex teacher that will allow them to study at times that better fit their family's needs.

    • Parents and/or students come on campus for one on one learning appointments with the Home Flex teacher. Here questions are answered, projects are created, learning sequences are planned, and student progress is supported. 
    • Students have the option of small group classes in English two times a week for an hour with the Home Flex teacher.
    • Students can participlate in a rich selection of academic courses at any of Lakeside Union School Districts school sites.


    Enrichment Opportunities

    Home Flex students can participate in any of Lakeside Union School District's vast array of enrichment opportunities. Elementary students can take music classes, attend field trips, assemblies, and after school programs. Middle school students can take one to two classes on a middle school campus and join after school groups, clubs, or sports. 


    Learn at Your Own Pace with Curriculum Options

    We know that all students do not learn at the same pace. Some students may find the pace of the classroom to be either too slow and not challenging enough, while many students may find that this pace is too fast and that they are continually finding themselves left behind. Home Flex allows students to work faster on topics and subjects they are more comfortable with, while allowing them to work through subjects they find more difficult, with the assistance of classroom teacher, who continually supports the parent and student.

    After registering, your teacher will provide you with our curriculum options so that you may choose ones in each academic subject that is best for you and your family.  


    Enrolling in Home Flex 

    The Home Flex teacher is available Monday through Friday from 8:30am-2:30pm in the Home Flex classroom at Eucalyptus Hills School.  Our Home Flex teacher is available to physically and remotely support students, monitor and review assignments, discuss areas of concern, and provide parents with critical feedback about progress during each learning period.

    Questions about our school? Contact Monica Farren at mfarren@lsusd.net (619) 599-5781

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    Want to enroll? Contact our LUSD Enrollment Specialist Teri Cook at tcook@lsusd.net (619) 390-2600