Tech Ninjas

  • Tech Ninjas are responsible for providing support to primary students who are having technology problems/issues with their devices in class. They will also ensure that students are following and respecting classroom expectations at all times.

    Students will be on duty once a week until the end of the school year. Duty will be the first 20 minutes of their regular lunchtime. Then they will have the rest of lunch to eat and play. Furthermore, students were selected due to their great leadership at school and have set an excellent example for all students.

    The Tech Ninja duties include:

    • Assist and mentor students during technology problems and monitor classroom to make sure students are being responsible.
    • Obey all school rules; set a good example for other children, be responsible, respectful and safe.
    • Become familiar with technological solutions on the I Pad.
    • Use “Falcon Tickets” to reward students who are being responsible, respectful and safe