Lakeside Middle School is a place of learning. Student dress and appearance should reflect this image. Students should dress for success. Appropriate, modest clothing will not disrupt or detract from the educational process. In an effort to help parents and students choose appropriate clothing, the following guidelines have been established:


    1. Students shall not wear any clothing that is offensive to others, or could harass, or have a negative impact on an individual’s performance. Clothing should not create an intimidating, hostile, or offensive educational environment. This includes spiked jewelry, chains, and wallet chains.
    2. Attire and personal belongings may not depict sexual connotations, racial terms, tobacco, alcohol, drugs, weapons, profanity/ obscenity, violence, or gangs. Logos and clothing with double mixed messages are not permissible.
    3. Writing or drawing on skin or clothing is prohibited.
    4. Pants must fit and be worn at the waist and pajama apparel (tops/bottoms) are not allowed.
    5. Dresses, skirts, and shorts length must reach the mid-thigh. They must have a minimum 3 inch inseam. Cut-off shorts are not allowed.
    6. No crop tops, bare midriffs, plunging necklines exposing cleavage, sheer shirts, cut-offs, tube/strapless tops, halters, bandeau tops, or spaghetti straps are allowed.   Sleeveless tanks and shirts must be at least 2 inches wide at the shoulder. A tank top must be worn under muscle tanks that are cut low on the sides.
    7. Underwear, including bra straps, boxer shorts, and muscle tank shirts must not be visible.
    8. Hats, hairnets, bandanas, hoods, or other head coverings are not to be worn on school grounds.
    9. Bandanas are not allowed to be worn on any part of the body including the head.
    10. Appropriate shoes must be worn at all times. Slippers of any kind may not be worn.

    Dress Code Visuals