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    Dear Parents;


    We welcome your student to the LMS Physical Education Department.  The following pages are some notes we have put together to help you become aware of the P.E. uniform, curriculum, class procedures and fitness goals.


    P.E. UNIFORM:  Every student must wear a P.E. uniform, which consists of either an LMS P.E. shirt and shorts, or a pocket-less plain gray t-shirt and pocket-less plain blue shorts. In addition, a pair of lace up type running shoes and several pairs of socks will help on fitness days or days of inclement weather.  For your convenience, shirts and shorts are available at the front office for a cost of $9 each.  Students will be assigned a locker in which to store their PE clothes, sweats, socks and shoes.  A combination lock is required, which is also available at a cost of $5.  P.E. clothes and locks are available for check out at no charge, purchasing items is optional.  Please label these items in the following manner with no additional marks of any type:  Using two inch tall block letters with a permanent black ink felt marking pen, first name just above the "NCO" of BRONCOS on the upper left hand shoulder and their last name on the front middle section of the shirt, and again under the logo on the left leg of the shorts.  You may also wish to purchase sweats.  The weather can get quite cold later in the year and they are a good idea following illness.  These should be pull on style, no zippers, blue or gray color with no wording or graphics, no hoods, no pockets and labeled in the same manner as the regular outfit.  Sweatshirts and pants may also be ordered at the student window for $12 each. You should also label shoes and any other personal belongings to help discourage theft and facilitate return of lost or misplaced items.  Finally, please bring these items in a plastic grocery bag to help in transporting home for cleaning at the end of each week.  LMS tote bags are now available for $5.00 as well.


    Lockers will be assigned first week of school, after a combination lock has been purchased or checked out and is in the students’ possession.


    Curriculum: During the course of the year, the P.E. department will be offering a number of activities.  It is our goal at LMS to provide each student with a variety of activities to continue their development in on going skills, as well as an introduction to the new and unknown.  Emphasis is placed on skill acquisition and application, participation, and social skills.  The curriculum also emphasizes fitness development, aerobic conditioning and cooperative activities.  The BMI (Body Mass Index) of each individual student will be calculated privately and used as a benchmark for their personal fitness program and goals.  Grading emphasis will be based on improvement in this area.  These goals are derived from the application of the “California Healthy Fitness Zone” standards.


    CLASS PROCEDURES: Adherence to class procedures is vital to providing an organized working environment capable of addressing the needs and rights of all students.  Students are responsible for the following at all times:


    1. All students are expected to be quiet and in the assigned attendance area at the tardy bell.


    2. Dressing out in P.E. clothes must be done in a timely manner.  Students are not to be in the locker room for any purpose other than changing.  Those students with excuse notes will not be expected to participate per the parents’ instructions, but may be required to dress out and participate in an alternate assignment.  After 3 days, a physician note must be provided for an extension of alternate activities.


    3.  All items should be placed in lockers during class time.  Oversized items may be placed on top of their lockers, however this area is not secure and no valuables should be left unlocked.  Every effort should be made to carry only needed materials in backpacks.  The school is not responsible for lost or stolen items.


    4.  Clean PE clothes may be borrowed from PE teachers for a 25¢ cleaning fee, to be returned daily.  PE clothes maybe borrowed up to four times per trimester before parent notification.


    5.  All students are expected to behave in a safe, respectful and courteous manner to all students and staff at all times.


    6.  At the end of each period, students will maintain orderly behavior and remain in a designated area until the dismissal bell.


    7.  Bottled water will be sold for $.50 after class.  It is also advised for students to keep water in their backpacks.  The funds raised go to support the LMS PE program.


    Effort and citizenship grades will be given based on conduct, sportsmanship, adhering to school and classroom rules.  These grades will be affected by infractions such as gum, candy, food, tardiness from the locker room to class, poor sportsmanship, non-adherence to school/class rules and partial to full non-suits, including improper shoes.


    Lindo Lake Cross County meet is scheduled for Thursday, November 6th.  The Run for the Arts will be held on Saturday, March 21st, 2015.  Jr. Olympics is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, May 2nd, 2015.  Tryouts for Jr. Olympics will be conducted during P.E. classes in the spring of 2015.  These are district wide events.  All students are encouraged to attend.   Please do not schedule out of town activities on these dates.


    Notes from parents:  Please feel free to send a note regarding a concern or special problem at any time.  However, please try to understand that notes DO NOT excuse a student from dressing out or from participation at their level of capability.  Consideration will be given to the area of concern and an alternate program will be provided.  Make-up of missed material may be required.


    Thank you for your time.  We hope that together we can make this year a wonderful experience for everyone involved.



    LMS Physical Education            



Last Modified on May 19, 2017