Visual Arts

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  • Intro to Art: Students will learn the fundamentals of art including The Elements of Art and The Principles of Design. Students will have the opportunity to explore multiple mediums including drawing, painting, sculpture and digital art. We will discuss art history as well as contemporary art news.


    Advanced Art: This class is offered to experienced art students ready to take more initiative in their art assignments. Students will continue to explore a variety of art mediums and more in depth techniques to further their art making skills. Critiques and discussions will refer to art history, contemporary art, The Principles of Design, and The Elements of Art.


    Digital Art: Students will gain experience in Adobe’s Creative Suite exploring Photoshop and Illustrator to enhance photos or create original digital art. Assignments will include the creation of info graphics, composite images, and techniques for art making with pixel and vector graphics.


    Studio Art: Students will explore a variety of 2D and 3D mediums and art techniques while reflecting on art history and The Elements of Art and Principles of Design.


Last Modified on August 16, 2018