• Our school offers a Dual Immersion Program with a One-Way Model in either Spanish Immersion or Mandarin Immersion.  
    Spanish Immersion is currently a 100% in Spanish experience.  Mandarin Immersion is 50% English and 50% Mandarin. 
    Both programs offer a third language enrichment option to prepare our students to become global citizens with multi-linguistic 21st Century skills. 
    Our site engages students on the 7 Keys of Excellence; preparing them to be transformative leaders in their inner and extended global community.
    Guided by Restorative Practices and Cultural Proficiency, our site assists students with conflict-resolution and assimilation practices to help them become compassionate, team-players, solution-seeking 21st Century employees employers seek.
    Feel free to stop by or call with questions on how your child can be part of our program.
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