High Achievement for All LUSD Students

    Our schools are dedicated to teaching students to be involved, active learners who think critically, learn continuously, collaborate constructively, communicate effectively, persevere relentlessly and care deeply.  We emphasize high academic expectations for all students, and support them to reach their full potential to be prepared for college, career and life.  We believe these outcomes are attainable for all LUSD students.


    Excellence in Teaching

    Passionate, knowledgeable, skillful teachers, supported by strong site leaders, are the core strength of our school district.  We expect our faculty, staff and site leaders to provide engaging, challenging, and relevant learning experiences for all students.  Excellent teaching begins with strong relationships between staff and students and is nurtured by collaboration among colleagues.  We are committed to supporting a professional community that creates an atmosphere of excellence, engaging instruction, and ongoing growth for students and adults alike.


    Respect for Human Difference

    We are committed to acknowledging and celebrating the diversity within our community while affirming the importance of our common humanity.  By promoting an emotionally safe environment for questioning, debate, and dialogue, we foster the growth and value that comes from different perspectives, cultures and experiences.  Our commitment is to create an atmosphere of emotional and intellectual safety in which to express difference while advancing acceptance and respect for all.


    Continuous Improvement

    We believe that powerful, relevant goals and clear action plans guide progress over time, and we commit to setting goals, monitoring progress and sharing results.  We believe that high standards of responsibility and accountability must be present throughout the system, and we commit to providing resources to enable staff to meet Board goals.  When staff, students, parents and the community are responsible and valued partners in the education of our students and active participants in the decision-making process, our entire system is stronger.  


    Effective Governance

    As a Board of Trustees, we believe that a fiscally sound budget that is reflective of the district’s vision is imperative to the financial stability of the district and to attainment of its goals.  We believe that our governance of the district sets the tone for the organization and provides a model for students and staff of effective dialogue, decision-making and leadership.  We believe in open, honest communication, trusting relationships, and integrity in all we do, and strive to model this consistently, both among Board members and between the Board and the Superintendent.

Last Modified on February 15, 2019