• Anna Garcia
    Mrs. Anna Garcia
    (619) 390-2656 ext. 6506
    English Language Learner Assistant II
    ELD Room
    I was born and raised here in San Diego County. My father was born in Sinaloa, México and my mother was born in a mining camp in Dawson, New Mexico. I came from a very large family of 7, I have 3 brothers and 3 sisters. My first language was Spanish, I spoke very little English when I entered kindergarten. In our home we were not allowed to speak English only Spanish because my father was afraid that we would grow up only speaking English and that we would not be able to communicate with our family members from Mexico. I am grateful to him because it is the reason why today I can speak 2 languages and have the job I have.
    I have worked for Lakeside Union School District for about 17yrs. I started out working as a noon duty here at Lindo Park School in 1995. I have also worked as a Teacher’s Aide, Parent Involvement Assistant, in the ESS department and as an ELL Assistant. My job as an ELL Assistant consists of assisting teachers with working with students that are English Language Learners. I also translate for Spanish speaking parents who don’t speak English at conferences, meetings and school related functions. I love working with ELL students and parents.

    In 1979 I married Guillermo Garcia and we have been married for 33yrs. We have 5 children. We also have 5 grandchildren.  I love being a wife and mother but I truly enjoy being a grandma or as my grandkids call me, NANA!