David Tupper, NGSS Instructional Coach



Degrees and Certifications:

David Tupper, NGSS Instructional Coach

Lakeside NGSS Early Implementation Director


My name is Mr. Tupper and I have been teaching in the Lakeside Union School District for nearly 20 years.  I have worked in elementary, middle, and university settings and love teaching science.  My family and I live here in Lakeside and enjoy hiking, camping, and going to the desert.  In my spare time, I hope to be doing good things for kids by keeping busy in the world of science education.
Some of the things I am involved in include:
  • Project Director for Next Generation Science Standards Early Implementation Initiative Grant
  • SDSU School of Teacher Education
  • Lakeside River Park Conservancy Board of Directors
  • California Dept. of Education-Science Curriculum Framework and Evaluation Criteria Committee (CFCC) For Science
  •  WestEd/K-12 Alliance Cadre for a variety of teacher professional development experiences/trainings
  • California Math/Science Community of Practice
  • lots of other fun science stuff