• Femineers (Females only): Creative Robotics (Year 1)

    This is a 30-year project in which participants learn basic electronics in a fun and engaging way.  Participants learn:

    • Safety procedures
    • How to use tools
    • How to work in teams to design robots out of everyday materials


    In the first year, participants are introduced to the use of hand tools, including a screwdriver, a utility knife, a tape measure, etc. In Creative Robotics, students learn about basic electronics, wiring, sensors and motors, as well as operation of the Hummingbird microcontroller using Scratch programming language.


    Femineers (Females only): Wearable Technology (Year 2)

    This is a 30-year project that incorporates computer and advanced electronic technologies into clothing and accessories. Participants learn:

    • Basic circuitry and C programming
    • How to use conductive thread, bright neopixels, and wearable microcontrollers


    Femineer Recommended Prerequisites:

    • Minimum 3.0 GPA
    • Minimum B average math grade
    • Outstanding behavior
    • Outstanding attendance
    • Recommendation from teacher