• Category 2

    Use this option if you are an EXISTING Lakeside USD Family.


    You must be either enrolling in your home school or have received an approved School of Choice/Inter District Transfer letter. If you aren't sure what your home school is you can find Lakeside USD boundary list HERE. If you have any questions regarding the boundaries please contact the district office at (619) 390-2600. 


    Only use this option if you have other students already attending a Lakeside USD school(s). In order to pre-register your new student(s), you must have already created your Parent Portal account. If you have not yet created your account, please contact your school office staff to help set up your account.


    EXISTING Lakeside USD Families with NEW students - Click below to use your Parent Portal to enroll a new student.

    1. Log into your Parent Portal account.
    2. Click the Pre-Registration drop down in the bottom left-hand side. 
    3. Choose Add Pre-Registration (You will notice that it will show you the current address on file as well as any related siblings)
    4. Click Add New Student to add student information. 
    5. Once you have completed entering information for all students, click Submit. 
    6. After you submit, it will take you to your Pre-registration List page, you will see the list of your new student(s).
    7. Click the blue edit pencil button on the right-hand side to complete and submit your registration forms for your student(s).
    8. The school site will then review your student(s) information.