• Category 1

    Use this option if you DO NOT have any other students enrolled in our District and you are enrolling a NEW student(s).


    You must be either enrolling in your home school or have received an approved School of Choice/Inter District Transfer letter. If you aren't sure what your home school is you can find Lakeside USD boundary list HERE. If you have any questions regarding the boundaries please contact the district office at (619) 390-2600. 

    DO NOT use this option if you have other students already attending a Lakeside USD school(s) or if the student you are enrolling has ever attended any school within Lakeside USD in the past, including any of our preschool programs.


    NEW FAMILIES ONLY - click on the link below to begin Pre-Registering your student(s)

    1. Fill in the Pre-register Student page. All information is required and should be filled out completely. 
    2. Click Add New Student, to add student information. 
    3. If you are registering more than one student click Add New Student again to add your other student's info. 
    4. Once you have completed entering information for all students, click Submit. 
    5. You will receive a green confirmation message on the screen and an email will be sent which will include your Parent Portal account information, an access code, and a link back to the portal to complete the Parent Portal registration process.
    6. After creating your Parent Portal you will be able to complete and submit the registration forms for your student(s).
    7. The school site will then review your student(s) information.