Mandarin Culture

  • Mandarin Culture: This course focuses on Chinese culture and Mandarin basics. You will have authentic cultural and arts experience including martial arts, calligraphy, Chinese painting, paper folding (aka origami), movie appreciation. You will also have a chance to learn about Chinese food, music and famous travel sites. In addition, we will teach you basic language acquisition skills such as character writing and pronunciation, so you have the tool for studying Mandarin language in the future.


    Introduction to Mandarin (Non-Immersion): In this course, students will be introduced to many basic word phrases as well as conversational sentence frames of Mandarin. Students will be able to apply their use of the knowledge learned in this class to the real world and the greater Chinese community. Engaging activities are planned accordingly to allow students to produce speaking output. Topics will include but not be limited to: (1) self-introductions, (2) numbers, (3) time and date, (4) family members, (5) hobbies, and (6) colors. Students will additionally be able to gain an understanding of Chinese culture and participate in a variety of cultural activities. Cultural topics such as Chinese holidays, traditions, history, and food will be covered.  After this class, students will be able to make significant connections between both the English and Chinese languages.