• Introduction to Spanish (Non-immersion): In this course, the goal will be to acquire Spanish language. “Acquiring” a language is very different than “learning” a language. Acquiring is something that happens to you instead of something that you make happen. When you learned how to speak your first language, you acquired it naturally by listening to other people speak it around you for a long time; not by studying it. Therefore, almost all of the class time will be spent using Spanish--not using English to talk about Spanish--and the focus will be more on listening and reading than on speaking and writing. Those skills will come naturally as you take in more and more Spanish by listening and reading, but they will not be a major focus of the course.


    Intermediate Spanish (Non-immersion): This course will emphasize the four language skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing, as well as an appreciation of Hispanic culture. To develop these skills to the best of the student’s ability, active participation by the student is required. This course is intended to teach basic vocabulary and grammar of beginning level Spanish. After studying all materials and resources presented in the course, the student will be able to: 

    • Engage in conversations using level-appropriate grammatical structures including narrating events that take place in the past.
    • Demonstrate understanding of level-appropriate spoken Spanish produced by Spanish speakers of diverse origins.
    • Write simple to moderately complex sentences using level-appropriate grammatical structures and organize them into cohesive paragraphs.
    • Read and comprehend level-appropriate authentic texts.
    • Identify and discuss traditions, customs and values of the Hispanic world.
    • Compare and contrast the traditions, customs and values of the Hispanic word with characteristics of their own culture.