• Advanced Band: Advanced band is for students who already have an understanding of basic music reading, instrument assembly and maintenance, correct playing position and sound tone production. Instruction offers continued focus on the refinement of tone quality, technique, aural skills and music literacy. We perform many times throughout the year in the community.


    Beginning Concert Band: Beginning Band offers middle school students with no musical experience an opportunity to begin the process of learning a concert band instrument. Students learn to read music and develop skills that can be applied to areas such as musical performance, composition, and general musical literacy. All sixth through eighth graders are eligible and performances are included in the course. Band instructors assist each student with placement and instrument selection before the first day of school.


    Percussion Ensemble: In this class you will learn to play many different types of percussion instruments such as the marimba, steel drums, bells, chimes, marching drums, drum set and many more. We perform many times throughout the year for the community.


    6th Grade Wheel Music Appreciation (one quarter): Performing Arts Exploratory is a non-performance based course that focuses on three elements of music—rhythm, melody and harmony. Students are introduced to basic music theory and learn to recognize notes on the staff and note values. Creativity is encouraged and listening skills are refined through the study of composers and artists. Students are given the opportunity to become familiar with the piano keyboard and to make their own musical instrument. This course is designed to help the student gain an appreciation of music in a fun atmosphere.