• 1. Q: When did the school become "Lakeside Middle School"?

        A: In 1945 the name "Lakeside Union Grammar School District" was changed to eliminate the word "grammar," while the school was designated by a series of names: "Lakeside Union Grammar School," "Lakeside Elementary School," and "Lakeside Union School." The school itself was renamed "Lakeside Junior High" in 1957, and then was changed again in 1978 to Lakeside Middle School."

  • 2. Q: Why is the flag pole dedicated to Otto Marks?

        A: Otto Marks was a long-time, dedicated board member and a respected Lakeside citizen. He served on the school board for twenty-five years, from 1913-1938. According to the April 15, 1938 edition of the San Diego Union, just before the completeion of the monument, "a glass-lined steel tube containing letters telling the simple life story of Otto Marks and the desire of the community to honor him was placed beneath the monument." (from the Lakeside Historical Society's book, History of Lakeside Schools)

  • 3. Q: Why is the library called the M.R. Kneale Library?

        A: The library is called the Kneale library because Mr. Kneale was the school district superintendent from 1954 to 1969.  During his time as superintendent the school district experienced significant growth with the addition of a number of our district elementary schools.

  • 4. Q: What was the name of the first school on our site?

        A: One hundred years ago, the school on this site was named Riverview High School.  The school was constructed for $25,000 plus another $5,000 for equipment.  (Information from Lakeside Historical Society's book History of Lakeside Schools 1879-2011)

  • 5. Q: When was the "Old Hallway" constructed and why? 

        A: The "Old Hallway" was completed in 1936 along with structural improvements to the main building (part of the original building was demolished in order to build the Old Hallway). The construction was required because of stricter earthquake standards for schools. This was a result of the 1933 Long Beach earthquake that damaged or destroyed 120 schools in the Long Beach/Los Angeles area. 

  • 6. Q: When was the Old Hallway renovated and why?

        A: The building was renovated in 1994.  It was in need of new lighting, windows, doors, cabinets, heating and air conditioning, and more.  The walls were replastered, and the hallway area skylights were restored (there was a drop ceiling added some years earlier which was then removed upon renovation).

  • 7. Q: How recently was the school remodeled? What buildings were remodeled?

        A: The school modernization or remodel took place from March 2011 to January 2012.  The main buildings remodeled were the library, the multipurpose room (auditorium), the office and the band room. The multi-purpose room is now our wonderful theater. The modernization was possible because of the school bond measure that the community approved in 20008.

  • 8. Q: Why is there a giant pine tree in front of our school?

        A: The pine tree was planted by community member Mrs. A.K. Wilkinson in 1928.  She didn't want Lakeside kids to go without a Christmas tree!

  • 9. Q: Who were some of the principals over the years?

        A: Steve Mull - 2005 to the present

            Keven VanDerWarker - 2002 to 2005

            Diana Adams - 1993 to 2002

            Richard Henderson - 1983 to 1993

            Jack Hill - 1978 to 1983

            John Westrick

            Archie Pruyne

            First principal for Riverview High School was Edward G. Adams