Lakeside Union School District Residency Verification Policy

  • All school districts in California have been advised that the State Controllers Office will rigorously enforce Title V (Administrative Code) and Education Code policy, E.C. 48204.1 provisions for verification of residency for school entry and attendance. 

    It is necessary that all Lakeside district school sites and staff verify residency for all new enrolling students, and for currently enrolled students as deemed necessary.  As the enrolling parent/guardian with legal custody you will be required to present ONE of the following original documents, which will be photo copied and kept in your student's file.


    Acceptable Proof of Residency:

    • Current Mortgage statement, Escrow papers or property tax agreement for primary residence
    • Current Rental or Lease agreement for primary residence (rent receipt may be required)
    • Military housing orders (base housing office written verification)
    • Current utility service bill for any of the following: Gas/Electric, Water or Cable, Trash

    All proof of residency must be in the parent/guardian name at the address in which the student lives.  A residency affidavit form is available for parents who cannot provide one the items listed above. 

    Residency Affidavit is a legal document and must completed at the district office during registration hours. In the event an affidavit is required both the legal parent registering the student and the person with whom they reside must present and provide photo ID to district office staff.  The person with whom parent resides must provide one of forms of residency as listed above.

    Please note, documentation determined to be secured by false, misleading, or deliberate omission of information to establish residency in the Lakeside Union School District will be considered null and void and will result in immediate disenrollment of your student in our schools.