Gifted and Talented Education (GATE)

  • The LUSD GATE program is for students who show high academic ability and/or talent and is designed to:

    • Provide activities that are differentiated in nature and require higher-level, logical, and creative thinking.
    • Provide time for students to pursue projects and activities at a more sophisticated level.
    • Empower students to use technology and advanced research tools to enhance their learning.
    • Give students opportunities to work with their intellectual peers for a portion of their school experience.
    • Develop independent study habits and social skills that will enable the student to work productively alone or with others.

     In the elementary school, children’s advanced academic development will be addressed in a cluster-group setting. In middle school, they will have the option of enrolling in Advance or Honors classes. These classes are selected each year through the student elective form that students and parents complete. Each program is designed to extend the core curriculum within the child’s strength area.

     Referred third graders are screened using the Raven Matrices. Students who score at or above the 97th percentile meet the qualifying criteria for the GATE program. Student between the 95th and 96th percentiles qualify by teacher recommendation.