Common Core State Standards

  • What are the Common Core State Standards?

    The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) are a set of internationally benchmarked K-12 educational standards to ensure every students’ college and career readiness in English language arts and mathematics. These standards increase rigor in every school, and provide clarity and consistency for what all students need to know once they graduate from high school.


    In English language arts, the CCSS call for the following shifts in teaching and learning:

    1. A focus on regular practice reading complex texts – the kind of text students will need to be successful in college and/or career.
    2. Building students’ academic vocabulary to support their comprehension of complex texts and improve their writing.
    3. Using evidence from texts to make arguments and claims in spoken and written presentations.
    4. Building knowledge through a greater exposure to non-fiction text.


    In mathematics, the CCSS call for the following shifts in teaching and learning:

    1. Greater focus on fewer topics. Rather than racing through a large number of topics each year, teachers will slow down so students gain mastery in the few key concepts needed to be successful in future grades.
    2. Linking topics across grades. Math should not be a long list of disconnected topics; rather, students should learn foundational skills that build on each other as they go through the grades.
    3. A balance between procedural fluency, mastery of math facts, and conceptual understanding.
    4. The ability of students to construct viable arguments, explain their reasoning, critique the reasoning of others. Rather than spending time filling out page after page of practice problems, students should be able to explain how they are solving problems and listen to the reasoning of other students.


    In the Lakeside Union School District, teachers and students have spent several years making these shifts. New CCSS-aligned curriculum has been adopted for English language arts in grades K-5 and for math in grades K-8. Teachers and principals have been engaged in professional development to learn the best ways to deliver this challenging instruction and student learning is improving every day.


    A Common Core Math Info Night was held in March at LMS. If you weren't able to come, here are two videos you may want to check out. The first one is a video of what took place at the meeting. The second one shows what a Number Talk looks like.