Educational Technology Department

Members of the Ed Tech Department
  • Lakeside Union School District is committed to the integration of technology into student learning with the purpose of preparing them for a technology-driven world. Lakeside School District prides itself on providing a digital learning environment which engages and empowers the over 5,000 students it serves. Students in K-3 have iPads for classroom use. Students in grades 4-8 take their iPads home during the school year for 24/7 learning opportunities. The iPad is a powerful technology device that transforms learning. The benefit of an iPad is that it can be personalized for each learner. Not only can it be a word processor, a camera, a camcorder, a musical instrument, or an Internet browser, but it also provides access to a myriad of apps that extend learning light years beyond a textbook’s capabilities. This provides opportunities for our students to use a variety of digital resources and tools to research, communicate, collaborate, and innovate.