• Hello and welcome!

    While my married name is Mrs. Christensen, my students affectionately call me Mrs. C.

    I've known since high school that I wanted to be a teacher and have been teaching music in one form or another for more than 25 years. I view teaching as an honor, especially when I am privileged to teach in a district/school amongst like-minded colleagues that value music as much as I do.

    Interacting with your children not only keeps me on my toes musically, it energizes me! My teaching philosophy is as follows:

    * Music is a language of it's own and learning a new language can be stressful. When we are stressed, it is difficult to learn, much less enjoy the lesson. That is why one of the most important concepts I teach in the classroom is “Umbrella of Mercy”.

    In order to create a safe learning environment, students need to know that it is okay to make mistakes, that they will receive a second (or third) chance to correct a mistake, and that they will not be laughed at in response to a question or incorrect answer. Under the “Umbrella of Mercy” rule, every child is given the gift of processing a music lesson without the fears that might commonly be associated with learning something difficult or new.

    * We each have a mixture of learning styles (aural, visual, tactile) and I always try to incorporate all three ways in every lesson in order to achieve the highest receptivity and level of understanding from my students.

    * I love to make music fun! I'd be rich if I had a dime for every adult whose told me they stopped taking music lessons because it was boring, but now regrets it. Experts agree that if we associate a learning experience with joy (fun), we will remember it in a positive way. Therefore, while your child may not like every single lesson (singing, playing an instrument, studying European composers, performing), I've found that by creatively incorporating games, they will gravitate to some area of music that they are interested in and hopefully, pursue it.

    I look forward to teaching music again this year at Lakeview Elementary! 

    ~ Mrs. C ~