• IDEAS 2.0 
    The mission of Project IDEAS 2.0 is to increase academic achievement and conceptual understanding in science and mathematics for all students by promoting student engagement, participation, and learning through increased teacher content knowledge, by integrating the mathematical practices found in CCSS with the science and engineering practices found in NGSS with technology, and the integration of research-based teaching strategies. By embracing the power of a Teaching Learning Collaborative and Practice Seminars. Project IDEAS 2.0 will create positive change in the lives of students well into the future.
    Integrating Practices from Math, Science, and Engineering with Technology (IDEAS 2.0) is a collaborative effort of Lakeside Union Elementary School District, Santee School District, San Diego State University, the San Diego County of Education (SDCOE), and the WestEd/K-12 Alliance.  These partners have a long history of working together, having successfully completed the previous MSP, IDEAS, on which IDEAS 2.0 is based. 
    IDEAS 2.0 partners include district teachers, university scientists, educators, professional development providers, along with a variety of local businesses and industries who will work together to build a professional learning community in STEM education.


     NGSS Early Implementation Initiative 
    The CA K-8 NGSS Early Implementation Initiative is a 4-year fast-start demonstration project developed by the K-12 Alliance with collaborative input from the California Department of Education, the State Board of Education, and Achieve to build district leadership capacity to implement NGSS district-wide.

    The program provides leadership training, teacher professional development in NGSS content and pedagogy, and establishing a CA NGSS Collaborative Network as a cross-district learning community for sharing best practices and addressing problems of practice. This collaborative will pilot test NGSS tools, processes, and assessment item prototypes for quality implementation.
Last Modified on August 1, 2016