Safe Routes to School (SRT S)

    Safe Routes to School (SRTS) is an international movement to increase the number of children who walk or bicycle to school by funding programs that remove the barriers that currently prevent them from doing so.

    Lakeview’s goal is to increase the number of students who walk/bike to school safely. The infrastructure goal is to get sidewalks put in all around Lakeview and connecting to the surrounding existing sidewalks.

    Earlier this year, Lakeview submitted a grant proposal to fund a portion of sidewalk around the school. The County of San Diego chose our application as 1 of 3 that was submitted to the State for consideration.  We hope in the next month or so to know the results of that application.

    In April 2010 we did a “Parent Survey” and found:

    ·       122 surveys were received back (representing 164 kids)

    ·       85% of kids are driven everyday

    ·       Out of the 164 kids only 4 walk to school

    ·       Out of 22 people who live less then ¼ miles from school – only 3 walk to school

    ·       Top 5 reason people drive

    o   Safely

    o   Child too young

    o   Too far to walk

    o   High speed of traffic

    ·       Parents would let their child walk/bike to school if (top 4)

    o   Improved sidewalks

    o   Accompanied by other parents

    o   Cars slowed down

    o   Paths were separated from traffic

    In April 2010 we also did a “How we traveled to school today” survey and found:

    ·       79% traveled by Car

    ·       11 % carpooled

    ·       3% took the bus

    ·       6% walked

    ·       1 % rode their bike


    The SRTS committee was instrumental in getting the crosswalk moved to the intersection of the Lakeview and East Lakeview, the roads restriped prior to school starting and the extension of no parking on East Lakeview. All of these efforts are steps in working toward our goal of sidewalks all around the school and connecting to the surrounding existing sidewalks.


    First SRTS meeting is on Sept 28th at 5pm in the Mulit-purpose room – special guest is Walk San Diego.

    Upcoming SRTS events are

    ·       I Drive 25 Campaign

    ·       Bike Rodeo 11/20/10

    ·       Two walk/bike to school days 2/25/11 and 4/8/11.


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Last Modified on September 13, 2010