2010 My Family                
    Welcome to fourth grade and room 6!  It has been my privilege to have been teaching at Lakeside Farms since 1996.  I previously taught in Los Angeles, grades 4-8, in various schools throughout the county.  I enjoy teaching fourth grade the most, but have taught grades 2-8 at different times in my career.  Previously, it's been my pleasure to have directed the Lakeside Farms chorus, coordinate our school program for students who are English language learners, and lead site programs.  I will be teaching  a class for parents interested in getting to know more about the school system entitled, "School Smarts."  I love being a part of the our school community.  There are so many wonderful things going on at Lakeside Farms...thanks for making our school so terrific. 
    Teaching has always been my passion and I look forward to each day with lots of enthusiasm. Please feel welcome to volunteer in our room.  Check with me as to which days and times we have available.  Make sure to always check in at the office, too!
    I am married and have three adult children and 1 grandson.  I absolutely love being a wife and mother and value my time with my family very much.  Life is good!
    Welcome to our Lakeside Farms family!    
    Mrs. Cortes