District History
August 11, 1889: First Lakeside school class meets in John Beadle's horse shed at corner of Sycamore and River Streets.
March 4, 1890: Lakeside Grammar School District formed by action of the San Diego County Board of Supervisors.
September 1890: FIRST SCHOOL opens on Benedict Ave.
February 16, 1891: Cowles School District formed from portions of Cajon, Grantville, Lakeside, Linda Vista and Stowe School Districts.
March 25, 1896: Lapsed Vicente School District attached to Ord School District and Lakeside Grammar School District.
April 5, 1897: Ord School District lapsed and attached to Earle and Barona School Districts and Lakeside Grammar School District.
April 4, 1900: Portion of Lakeside Grammar School District annexed to Barona School District.
December 3, 1902: Barona School District lapsed and annexed to Lakeside Grammar, Earle, Santa Maria and El Capitan School Districts.
February 7, 1912: Portions of Lakeside Grammar and El Cajon School Districts annexed to Santee School District.
September 1912: SECOND SCHOOL opens on Benedict.
January 8, 1913: Foster School District formed from Poway, El Capitan School Districts and Lakeside Grammar School Disrict.
February 10, 1915: El Monte School District formed from portions of Lakeview and Lakeside Grammar School District.
June 20,1916: El Monte, Foster, Lakeview, Santee and Lakeside Grammar School Districts vote to form Riverview Union High School District.
July 21, 1920: Riverview Union High School District and El Cajon Valley Union High School District elect to form Grossmont Union High School District.
June 20, 1923: El Monte and Lakeside Grammar School Districts vote to form the Lakeside Union School District.
February 20, 1928: Foster School District annexed to Lakeside Union Grammar School District.
February, 1938: Dedication of new classrooms, cafeteria and offices at Lakeside Union Grammar School.
August 7, 1939: Portions of El Monte School District and Lakeside Union Grammar School District annexed to Lakeview School District (Cajon Valley Union). And portions of El Capitan School District (Cajon Valley Union) annexed to El Monte School District (Lakeside Union School District).
1945: The name of the school district is changed to eliminate the word Grammar. The name is now Lakeside Union School District.
September 1956: Lakeside Farms Elementary School opened 
September 1959: Lakeview Elementary School opened
September 1960: Riverview Elementary School opened
March 1961: Eucalyptus Hills Elementary School opened
September 1964: Winter Gardens Elementary School opened
October 1972: Tierra del Sol Middle School opened
May 1991: Lemon Crest Elementary opened
September 1997: River Valley Charter School opened
September 2002: Barona Indian Charter opened
1929-1945 Mr. E.H. Carender
1945-1947 Mr. Gerald Priniville
1947-1954 Mr. Elmer Walker
1954-1969 Mr. M.R. Kneale
1969-1983 Dr. Robert D. Muscio
1983-1988 Mr. James Thompson
1988-1998 Dr. Jacqueline Spacek
1998-2004 Dr. Carol Lieghty
2004-2011 Dr. Steven Halfaker
2011-2012 Dr. Brian Bristol
2013-Current Dr. David Lorden 
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