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Lakeside Union School District

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PLAY 2016 / 2017


Performances March 23 - 26 
March 23   5:00 PM - Snoopy Cast
March 24   5:00 PM -  Charlie Brown Cast 
March 25      1:00 PM  - Snoopy Cast
March 25   5:00 PM -  Charlie Brown Cast 
March 26    1:00 PM -  Charlie Brown Cast  
March 26   5:00 PM  - Snoopy Cast
Performances at Lakeside Middle School
March 23 - 26 2017
11833 Woodside Ave.
PLAY, Performing Lakeside Acting Youth, which was formed in 1999, is a theater program dedicated to the youth of Lakeside. Children in grades four through twelve dedicate evenings and weekends to producing and experiencing a full theatrical production. The teachers that direct this program volunteer to do all of this on their own time. PLAY only continues to be successful because of the many parent and teacher volunteers that donate the hundreds of hours necessary to keep this program going. 
For more information:

E-mail    smull@lsusd.net

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